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Everything’s Turning Green for St. Patrick’s Day

For this St. Patrick’s Day, we are turning GREEN.

Making Green Eggs for St. Patricks Day

We started our morning with a delicious Green breakfast. A big glass of Green milk and yummy helping of Green Eggs, followed by some Painted Green Toast. All are made with a few drops of green food coloring. My kids ate it all up, they wanted to “turn green” too.

Turning Milk Green

Next we will dress in all the green clothing we can find, so as not to get pinched!! Then we will be out hunting for a Leprechaun to catch. You know, if you catch a Leprechaun, he has to tell you where he hid his gold!! Happy Hunting!

Kids Eating Green Food for St Patricks Day


  1. Shannon and Michele – I know, the ham. It was enough to make everything else green, I skipped the ham this time. I’ll get some when we read the Dr. Seuss book.

    C Holt – I love love love the TRAPS. What a great idea. You will have to share that one for next year!

    Liz – Love the poem. It goes perfectly!

  2. Green eggs and toast?
    I could eat them in a dress,
    I could eat them in a mess.
    I could eat green eggs and toast.
    I really could, I do not boast.
    Looks like fun way to start the day!

  3. haha..Shannon stole my thunder…I was going to ask where the ham is! hahaha…but how cute your little loves are…they will remember their green eggs forever :)

  4. My boys built leprechan (sp??) traps last night. But, that tricky wee man was too clever… He crushed their traps and left some green candies behind for G & I and a green little Gumby behind for N.

    Funny leprechans!!

  5. Mom2fur – Sounds like you have quite the Green day ahead of you. Way to go on the Irish dinner. Sounds delish.

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve got some green Jell-O for dessert today, plus I’ve got cupcakes in those little paper things with shamrocks on them. I plan to decorate them with white icing and either green sprinkles or (if I’m ambitious) shamrocks made of candy. Got my shamrock apron (hand made by me!) and shamrock sweatshirt (decorated by me!) and I guess that’s about all the green I can find, LOL!
    We’re having lamb chops and roasted potatoes for dinner. My daughter likes corned beef and cabbage, but no one else here does, LOL!
    Enjoy your ‘green’ day!

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