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Using Up Our Fallen Acorns

My parents house is full of Oak trees. And with Oak trees come acorns. Their patio is always littered with fallen acorns. But my kids love it as it makes for a fun day of collecting. Here’s a few crafty things we’ve been making with our fallen acorns.

Acorn Fridge Magnet – I attached an acorn to a super strong neo magnet and it’s one of my favorites on my fridge.

Tiny Acorn Family – We made a little acorn family to represent our family of 5.

Acorn Ball Decoration – I spray painted a styrofoam ball with brown paint, hot glued a ribbon all around the ball, and hot glued acorn caps onto every inch of the ball. Now it’s hanging up on our wall for a fun Fall decoration.

Fall Acorn CraftAcorn Home Decor Crafts

What crafty projects have you used your fallen acorns for?


  1. This is great! In my family, going back to my great great great grandmother, it is our Swedish tradition of making a ‘Kissing Ball’ each Christmas. The exact same thing, but mainly with pinecones and a few acorns & nuts. With the wide selection at craft store these days, this project just gets easier and easier as time goes on.

  2. Becky – I love it. After you said you ate these, a memory came back to something similar. I think I tried one before! How funny!

  3. Am I the only kid who actually ate a few acorns?!? They were very mild and pretty good unless you grabbed a green one!

    Loving all these ideas too. Thanks to all who shared!

  4. Love the acorn ball. You could also make an acorn wreath for the door. And, little acorns bundled together, sprayed silver would be gorgeous on a Christmas tree!

  5. Ooo, I love these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    Someday Crafts – I’ve always wanted to make an acorn wreath, thanks for the tutorial.

  6. We like to spray paint the acorns silver and gold. Once they are dry we place them in decorative bowls, or tie string on them and hang them on the tree.

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