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4 Ways to Use Post-it Notes for the Family

Can you believe it’s been 35 years since the classic canary yellow Post-it Notes came to life? Since then, we’ve seen the Post-it Note so many fun places, even in pop culture. The love note from Grey’s Anatomy, when the lovable duo Romy and Michelle claimed to have invented it at their high school reunion, and who can forget the infamous Sex and the City breakup note?

Post-it Brand Celebrates 35 Years

Post-it Notes Pop Culture Moments

For every idea, there’s a Post-it® Product. From the original canary yellow note to an array of colorful options to the Post-it® Plus app, the Post-it Brand has helped ideas of all shapes and sizes come together for 35 years. Post-it® Products have evolved from a simple, practical reminder into an entire collection, providing individuals with the widest array of reliable and convenient organizational tools to inspire great ideas!

Post-it Notes Brand 35th Anniversary

We’ve been using Post-it Notes for years as well. Back when I was teaching in a classroom, I had them all over my desk. It’s such a great way to jot down a few (or 15) thoughts. They’re also great for making short grocery lists or tucking inside a planner when you need just a little more room. We’ve also been having fun with them on the blog. The possibilities are truly endless! Here are 4 fun and functional ways to use Post-it Notes!

4 Ways to Use Post-it Notes:

1. Create a Summer Bucket List: last summer we had a blast coming up with a whole list of ideas for our family to accomplish all summer long! Each idea gets its own colorful note. The rainbow of post-it notes help to add excitement to the whole list making process!

2. Make Colorful Post-it Note Pictures: my kids love to make fun pictures, decorating the car with their creations! This is a simple, inexpensive way to keep the kids entertained during long road trips!

3. Road Trip Grab Bags: label your fun and silly grab bags with Post-it Notes for the kids to open every hour on while you’re traveling. A little something fun in each bag makes for hours of road trip entertainment!

4. Labeling Quilt Patch Work: I love to use these when I need to label different rows and columns for my quilting and crocheting! I never leave home anymore without post-its in my crafting bag!

Fun with Post-it Brand Notes

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