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Who Will Win the Downhill Bobsled Race?

This is our last Winter Olympic Game before the medal’s ceremony. We’re going to see who will win the Downhill Bobsled Race. The objective: to get your “bobsled” down the track first!

Supplies for the Downhill Bobsled Race:

  • empty wrapping paper tube
  • scissors and tape
  • 2 toy cars
  • paper and marker

First, cut your empty wrapping paper tube in half lengthwise. This will make for 2 long bobsled tracks.

With a small piece of paper and a marker, name the country your racing for and tape it to the top of the toy cars. I’m the USA and my daughter chose China (she loves Kai-lan!)

Get your “bobsleds” up to the top of the track, and let them race!

And the winner is… China, by 3 inches!

We’re celebrating the Winter Olympic Games all week. To see more fun and sporty activities, check out the Winter Olympic Games for Kids series. Go for the GOLD!


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