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Wonky Homemade Lollipops

I love these wonky lollipops. They’re funny looking, taste yummy, and are a lot thinner than if you used a mold… perfect for little mouths. Last year I posted about Christmas Lollipops with the sucker molds I had growing up. But since molds are hard to come by, I thought I’d show how to make lollipops without any.

You simply drop your hot lollipop liquid right onto the sticks, just free form. They make fun shapes, turning the Lollipops into creatures. Especially the ones I tried to double up the colors with. They turned out even crazier!

Lollipop Recipe – they’re super easy, you just need to collect the supplies: sugar, water, corn syrup, sticks, flavoring, food coloring.


  1. What fun to make these for your wedding!! If they are individually wrapped, they should stay good for up to 1 month or two. The only problem I’ve found is that when a few of them are in the same wrapping, they stick together. So I suggest they be individually wrapped and stored in a cool place.

  2. How long will these lollipops stay good if they are in individual wrappers. I am going to make them for favors for my wedding, and I would like to make them in advance, if possible. If I make them 2 weeks ahead of time, would they stay good?? Thanks!

  3. I made 300+ of these delicious treats last weekend. I am giving them out as neighbor gifts. I wrapped them individually and then in cellophane bags with a tag that said “Have a LOLLY Christmas and a Happy New Year”. A lot of work, but you are right super easy and tasty! I got the recipe when you posted these earlier in the year, so thanks. I love them.

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