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7 Unique Painting Tools for Kids

We have a good-sized stash of unique painting tools, but my girls love the novelty of painting with various gadgets and objects from around the house. Whether we’re raiding the office supplies or the kitchen drawers, there are always interesting items that can be turned into painting tools. It’s always fun to think outside the box when you’re creating art!

Here are 7 of our favorite unusual and simple painting tools. Many of these painting tools inspire big movement, from bouncing balloons to wiggly rubber bands. Covering your whole table with paper allows for even bigger exploration and fun!

Painting with Rubber Bands

7 Unique Painting Tools for Kids

1. Rubber Bands

To make a simple rubber band brush, use a rubber band to secure 5-6 rubber bands to an unsharpened pencil or handle-end of a paintbrush. You can cut the rubber bands to make long pieces, or leave them as-is to create interesting designs!

2. Bubble Wrap

Whether you wrap it around a block, or cut it into fun shapes, bubble wrap makes an irresistibly fun painting and printing tool. When you’re done, you can pop the paint covered bubble wrap for even more fun!

Painting with Balloons

3. Balloons

I always seem to have a few random balloons around my house. Put those balloons to work during your next painting session. Try dipping them in paint and bouncing on your paper, or bounce them on a full page of wet paint to lift and move the paint around. You might want to take this fun project outside! A small kiddie pool is great for mess containment!

4. Cookie Cutters

A thin layer of paint on a paper plate is the perfect partner for a pile of cookie cutters. Dip, print, repeat! The more cookie cutter designs, the better!

Painting with Fabric

5. Fabric

Experiment with different types of fabric, such as lace, corduroy, tulle, flannel, and fleece. Scrunch the fabric and dip it in paint, or paint flat pieces of fabric and print them on your paper.

6. Body Parts

Move beyond finger painting and try elbow painting or toe painting! If you’re feeling real adventurous, nose painting is great fun, too! Just make sure you’ve got a hose or shower ready when you’re done painting!

Painting with Credit Cards

7. Plastic Credit Card or Gift Card

Smearing, scraping, and scratching paint with plastic cards creates unique textures, and it’s just plain fun! You might save some money, too!

What kinds of unusual tools or household items do your kids like to paint with?

Happy playing!


  1. if my 3 year old grandson lived closer i would definitely use these painting ideas with him

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  3. Love your ideas-what a nice way to encourage creativity. We like painting with our toys-blocks, cars, etc. Also with natural items-branches, flowers, etc.

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