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Beautiful Decorated Paper Mache Letters

DIY letters are a popular home decor trend and we are on board with this. We’ve made pretty letter pillows,  faux brushed nickel letters, and felt word pillows. Now we are showing you how to make decorated paper mache letters to hang on your wall.

A paper mache letter S painted with gold paint and decorated with faux succulents, moss, and flowers.

We were inspired by these faux brushed nickel letters and also our decorated planters to make this pretty wall decor. We are currently putting together a gallery wall in our bedroom using photos, posters, and other assorted wall decor items. I thought this decorated letter ‘S’ would be the perfect addition to represent our surname.

How to make decorated paper mache letters

These decorated paper mache letters will look so pretty on your mantel or as part of a gallery wall in your home. They make a great gift too, and I can imagine them being made for a wedding or birthday celebration. There are so many possibilities.


  • Paper mache letter/s
  • Antique gold metallic paint
  • Moss and assorted faux flowers and succulents
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

You need a paper mache letter, antique gold metallic paint, and faux moss, succulents, and flowers to make our decorated paper mache letter craft

I already had the miniature faux succulents and flowers on hand from a dollhouse project that we had worked on.


The first step for decorating your paper mache letter is to paint it. You can use any color you like, but I used antique metallic gold. I found that one coat was enough, but if you use something lighter such as a pastel color or white then you might need to add two or three coats.

a paper mache letter S painted gold

The next step is to arrange your moss, faux succulents, and flowers onto the letter so you have an idea of how your project is going to look.

Once you have a general idea of the layout, heat up your glue gun because it’s time to start assembling everything. You will need to start with the base (which will most likely be the moss) and then add to it.

a paper mache letter painted gold and being decorated with moss

This is how our finished project turned out.

paper mache letter s decorated with moss, faux succulents, and faux flowers

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