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Bottle Bird Feeder

I just saw this great idea for a Homemade Bird Feeder in the September issue of Family Fun Magazine (I love this magazine!!). This Bottle Bird Feeder is easy to make and fun for the kids to watch as birds come to dine! This project is the perfect afternoon craft activity for you and your kiddos. You probably have most of the supplies in your home already. Read the instructions below and have fun creating something with your family. Do not forget to hang it in your yard for all of the birds in your area.

Bird Feeder

Bottle Bird Feeder


First find an empty plastic bottle, yarn, razor blade, funnel, wooden spoons, and bird seed. Optional: add some paint or stickers to your bottle for a more fancy look.

Bird Feeder Supplies


With your razor blade, carefully carve a hole on one side of the bottle and on the other side to match. I only carved it into a dome shape and let the flap hang out. You can add another set of holes for more birds to perch.

Bird Feeder Flaps

Next, add your wooden spoons to each hole. Set the spoons in all the way so that the spoon end can catch some seed.

Bird Feeder Spoons

Now take the funnel and place it up top and pour in your bird seed. Some may come sprinkling out the spoon holes, but not too much.

Bird Feeder FunnelBird Feeder Filled

Add a yarn tie at the top so you can attach it to a tree, or a place of your choosing. Now replace the cap and you are set to go.

Bird Feeder String

Bird Feeder in TreeBird Feeder in Tree

Aren’t these bottle feeders awesome? I love how simple they are to put together. The birds are going to love snacking in your yard. Have fun feeding and watching the birds! What other birds craft ideas do you have?



  1. how does the bird seed come out? Is it when the birds land on the spoon side it lets some sprinkle out?

  2. Wow…sitting right in our kitchen drawer. We have used mason jars with nails for perches, but this is a wonderful idea…and safer for birds’ feet in freezing temperatures. Thank you for these terrific ideas. Now…off to the workshop.

  3. I love this idea. I’ve been looking for a nice bird feeder at Canadian Tire, but i couldn’t find one i liked. I really like this one! I’m super excited to make it! Thanks!

  4. Hello!

    It’s 2010, and we’re having the coldest winter in ages – I’m looking for easy DIY bird feeders to help the birds through this cold, snowy weather!

    I really fell for your idea, and I was just thinking of how I could make a pretty macrame net to hang it in and to cover up the bottle a bit. I think it will look even prettier as the wooden spoons weather and turn grey!

    Wait – I just realized something – how will the birds get to the seeds in the lower half of the bottle?!? A third spoon further down maybe?

    Anyway – great idea!

    – Cipollina

  5. hey marie I love your site. i love this idea too keep them coming. when are going to write a book? “it’s all about the make n’ takes” guide to being a great mom should be the title.

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