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Animal Umbrellas to Spruce Up the Spring Rain

We’ve had a few April showers this month, even snow, but we’re staying dry with these fun animal umbrellas. This pink umbrella makes the perfect jellyfish, fun for twirling and spinning in the rain.They can turn a dreary day into something fun! With just a few simple supplies, you’ll be sporting these cute little animal umbrellas during your next rainfall.

Kids Homemade Jellyfish Umbrella

Animal Umbrellas to Spruce Up the Spring Rain

Supplies for Jellyfish Umbrella:

  • umbrella – any size
  • plastic table cloth (party table cloths from the dollar store) or plastic garbage bags
  • scissors
  • curling ribbon

Jellyfish Umbrella Supplies

For the Pink Jellyfish:

  1. Open up your umbrella and tie a piece of curling ribbon in a knot around each of the underside metal bars in the inner circle. This will help give the jellyfish its curly tentacle look.
  2. For each of the jellyfish’s arms, cut a 2 inch thick strip from your plastic, about 3-4 feet long. Each strip can measure any length you want, but probably only as tall as your child, as you don’t want the plastic to be dragging on the ground.
  3. Tie each plastic strips to the underside of the umbrella, at the outer edge. You can just tie them in a knot, but make sure that the knot is strong enough to hold up to the wind.
  4. Now the umbrellas are ready for play time. Take your Jellyfish Umbrella outdoors to play with and protect you from the rain!

Homemade Jellyfish Instructions

We also made a spider umbrella, complete with cut strips of plastic tied on for the legs and white grocery bag circles (with black foam sticker circles) for the eyes. This spider umbrella could even come in handy at Halloween if you have rainy weather! Next I’m thinking of trying this one with a red umbrella and some black spots to make a cute ladybug!

Homemade Spider Umbrella

And we have the supplies for a red crab and a green frog, using basically the same directions as above to make each one. You could have a whole collection of animal umbrellas! Creating these would be a great activity at a birthday or crafting party, giving each guest something fun to take home!

Animal Umbrella Supplies

You don’t have to stop there, either! Your imagination is the only limit. You could make just about any animal you like out of an umbrella. Have fun singing, and swimming, in the rain with your new animal umbrellas!


  1. Such a cute idea. I wonder if there is a fabric paint that would work well on an umbrella- stamping would be fun, too.

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