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Crafty Flip-Flop Posters to Gear Up for Summer Fun!

While we have been experiencing a heat-wave here in California, I know many of you are still looking for a little spring weather to make its appearance. Either way, summer is coming (yay!), and if you have school-age kiddos, they are probably looking forward to summer vacation.

As a family, we always enjoy making a wish list of things to do, treats to eat, and places to go during the summer. This year, my girls made some unique and colorful painted paper flip-flops for their own summer wish-list posters. These posters are such fun to make and have us dreaming about summer for sure!

Crafty flip-flop summer poster

Crafty Flip-Flop Posters to Gear Up for Summer Fun

Supplies for Flip-Flop Posters:

  • heavy paper (such as watercolor paper)
  • your choice of decorating supplies – paints, markers, crayons, etc.
  • 4 pipe cleaners per person
  • beads
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • tape
  • large piece of colored paper for the background

Trace a pair of flip-flops onto heavy paper and mark where the holes for the straps will go.

Tracing flip flops

Now it’s time to decorate your flip-flops. We chose to paint ours, but crayons, markers, or watercolor paints would work just as well. Your flip-flops might match…

Painting paper flip-flops

… or they might use the same colors in different patterns. My daughters and niece had a great time being creative with their paper flip flops. Each pair was so unique! (They are also wishing there was a company that would print custom flip-flops like these!)

Flip-flop painting

When the flip-flops are completely dry, it’s time to cut them out. Use a hole-punch to punch the three strap holes in each one.

Flip flops and hole punch

Now let’s add the straps. Each flip-flop will use two pipe-cleaners, plus some beads for decoration if you want. Put both pipe cleaners through the top hole, fold down the ends on the back, and tape to hold in place.

Flip-flop straps

Add colorful beads to each strap for decoration. Check to see that your beads don’t go past the holes at the bottom of your flip-flop.

Beaded flip flop straps

Put the bottom of the pipe cleaner straps through each hole at the base of the flip-flop. Turn it over, fold the straps up, and tape in place. If you have a lot of extra pipe cleaner, go ahead and trim the ends.

Flip flop finishing

Your flip-flops are done! (Go ahead and try them on now – we couldn’t resist!) Grab a large colored piece of paper for your background and glue down your flip-flops.

Paper flip-flops

Ready to plan out your amazing summer? Fill the page around the flip-flops with all the fun things you want to do, see, learn, and eat this summer.

Summer wish list writing

Find a place to display your summer fun flip-flop poster. Happy summer dreaming and crafting!

Fun flip-flop summer poster


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