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Crafty Monster Bookmark

This fun and simple bookmark came out of inspiration from Kari and Becky at UCreate. We all attended a conference a few weeks back and got to talking about how people come up with creative ideas. It can simply come from naming 2 supplies like googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Then Becky said how about a bookmark, so this Monster Bookmark idea was born. This would be a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day, along with one of our favorite books, What Dad’s Can’t Do by Douglas Wood.

This craft is super simple which makes it perfect for little hands. I love that these monster bookmarks are silly and not scary. The googly eyes make them friendly looking and even a little sweet. Your kids are going to love trying this bookmark craft.

Crafty Monster Bookmark

Crafty Monster Bookmark

Supplies for a Monster Bookmark:

  • pipe cleaners
  • googley eyes
  • cardstock paper
  • glue (I love glue dots for this)
  • hole punch
  • scissors or paper cutting tool

Bookmark Paper Supplies

Cut out a 3 inch x 5 1/2 inch rectangle out of cardstock paper. You’ll need to cut out the nose. You can use a razor blade, scissors, or a paper cutting tool. I made 2 slices down the middle. Then finished off the rounded nose using my scissors. Don’t go all the way through, keep the nose flapping in the center.

Cutting Paper for a Bookmark

Using a couple of glue dots, glue the googley eyes onto the top of the cut out nose. Then punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. Add a pipe cleaner through and twist it together. You can then bend or curl the top of the pipe cleaner to give it a silly look.

Googley Eyes for a Bookmark

Now it’s ready for a book to mark. If this is a gift for Father’s day, you can write a special note on the front or back of the bookmark, or even add stickers or ribbon to give it some flare.

Silly Handmade Monster Bookmark

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  1. hi
    its superb my sister loved this. i added some more eyes and cuttings to make it beautiful and attractive. making the nose is fun hahahahahahahehehehehehe

  2. Two of the simplest art items, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. These turned out so cute. We used your post for our weekly reading series for the summer @ theclassroomcreative . We hope to inspire other children to read with your post. Enjoy your summer! Karen & Nicolette

  3. Hi!
    I want to translate this article into Hungarian and plublish my blog.
    Give your permission, please. Of course, I will indicate your blog as source.


  4. Lovely…..thanks for sharing…..We made these last morning…..if you want to see, please check my blog.
    Hugs from Brazil

  5. I’m bookmarking this to make with my class the first of next year….Maybe I’ll do an alien theme, with an “OUT OF THIS WORLD” class!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Those are super fun! I love the noses. =) Thanks so much for the idea, I’ll be linking in the next Kid’s Craft Roundup.

  7. We made these last night, and it was a ton of fun. My son put 11 eyes on his. I did some extra cutting along the nose outlines so that they would stand out more when not in a book.

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