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Crafty Paper Cornucopias

I’m a huge fan of double sided tape. It’s practically seamless on projects and there’s no drippy mess! So today, with the help of Scotch Double Sided tape, I’m bringing you a super fun and simple project for your Thanksgiving table. You can make one of these cute paper cornucopias for each of your guests, creating a festive holiday table.

Supplies for Thanksgiving Paper Cornucopias:

  • 1 sheet of paper (8 inch square for the cone shown)
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • ribbon, cut 8-10 inches
  • treats

1. Cut your paper into a right angle V shape, with a curve at the top. How wide your angle is will create a more fat or thin cone. Here’s a link to a pattern to download and print for a template: Cone Pattern (via Hostess with the Mostess)

2. Add double sided tape to one side of the “inside” of the paper. Roll it up and form a cone shape, and press your tape to the outside of the cone to secure it in place.

3. Place a small piece of double sided tape to one side of ribbon, folding over one edge to make the end not fray, and tape it to the outside or inside of the cone. Add tape to the other end of the ribbon and attach it to the opposite side of the cone. This will form a handle to hang your paper cone if you choose.

Here is another way to tape your ribbon, forming a border around the rim of the cone using your tape.

4. You can also have children trace their hands and create a turkey shape onto the outside of the paper before you tape it together. This gives these paper cornucopias an even more festive look for Thanskgiving.

5. Fill your cone with treats and set them out on the table, one for each Thanksgiving guest. Now everyone will have a party favor to take home or snack on after dinner and pie!

And as double sided tape comes in so handy during the holidays, Scotch is giving away 25 free samples to 25 winners. So if you’d like to receive a sample of tape to complete your crafting handmade holiday favors, simply leave a comment below!

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Giveaway Entries: To be entered to win one of 25 samples of Scotch Double Sided tape to use on your crafty projects, leave a comment on this post by Sunday, November 14th at midnight, telling me what crafty projects you love to use double sided tape for. I’ll announce the 25 winners on November 15th. Good luck!


  1. Honestly, this is the type of project that we would use the tape for. I saved the link at the top of my screen before I even realized it was a give away. We use different “stickies” all the time in our home for school projects and paper crafts, so it will all get used up! :)

  2. These are super cute! I love double-sided tape. I typically have my daughters craft something for the Thanksgiving table and I think this will be it this year! I use it often in scrapbooking and crafting.

  3. I love double-sided tape. it si great for all my cricut cards and treat boxes. i don’t like to use glue because it runs to much. The tape is so easy and if you go over the edge you just lip it off!

  4. These are great! I think this is a project I could actually do with my kids without getting totally frustrated and taking over. I’m a little bit of a control freak… :)

  5. Great idea–think I’ll have the kids make these for the table this Thanksgiving. Quick and easy with the double-sided tape.

  6. Love double sided tape!!! I run a preschool, with all those kiddos at once, got to have tape on hand. Works great.

  7. I’ve used it primarily for scrapbooking, but with 9 kids we also always have various crafty uses for double-sided tape around here!

  8. Great project! I plan on doing this with my kids next week. We use Scotch tape a lot around our house. In fact, we used to joke that we should be stock in Scotch because my grandma used it so much with all the presents she wrapped. They were taped so well you could almost not open them!

  9. I would love this to attach to headbands for a kid’s game “Bobbing for Balloons”. Great for class parties and birthday parties.

  10. This is so cute. I would love to make it with the kids. I use doulbe sided to tape for making our own Christmas cards.

  11. I’ve used double-sided tape for my one and only attempt at “traditional” scrapbooking (I’ve since decided going the digital route is much more my cup ‘o tea!), but it’d be great to have some on hand for all the kids’ art projects!

    I love these cornucopias! They’re adorable!

  12. I like to use templates to make things like boxes for creative ways to wrap up little treats for the holidays. Double sided tapes make them a snap to assemble! I probably use double sided tape the most for scrapbooks.

  13. I love using it on altered books, sticking “prettier” paper on the cover. And it’s terrific adding details to a project using metallic foil in a rubon sort of way. Love me some double sided tape! Thanks!

  14. When I need to buy some time while on the computer or fixing a meal, etc. I open up the scrap paper bin and give the kids scissors and tape and let them have at it (tape is much cleaner than glue!!!) My favorite projects they’ve done? Family look-alike robots.

  15. i love double sided tape!!! i keep a roll on every level of my house! I buy it in bulk at Sam’s. my mom gave me a bulk pack of it for a Christmas present last year!! I use it for everything.

  16. I’m a HUGE double sided tape fan. Believe it or not, I use it for fashion all the time.

    Gaping buttons, tricky hemlines, you name it, double sided tape is the best fix.

  17. I love to use double sided tape! Mainly for paper crafting, cards etc. I would love to win~!

  18. Would have been wonderful for the student of the week poster I was up late creating last night after the 8pm call letting me know there was a mix up and oh joy it was my child’s week to bring it, by today.

  19. Really cute would make great gift bags for Thanksgiving or Christmas or even use them for placecard/holders at the table.

  20. its great for reusing bows and attaching them flat. and hanging my sons pictures on the door without putting tape on the front of his picture. Everything lays flat and looks neat.

  21. Double sided tabe is a blessing. I suse it for my baking tags and also will be using for my DIY Christmas cards

  22. I’m too frugal to use it for gift wrap, but Scotch Double Sided Tape is a staple at our house. I use it in card making, scrapbooking, and most recently I used it to make some Frankenstein boxes for my girls’ teachers at Halloween. Love that stuff!

  23. I’m enjoying seeing what others use the almighty double-sided tape for and have gotten some new ideas. I make lots of cards and Scotch DS tape happens to be my tape of choice because it has such holding power. I also use it when wrapping gifts. I know the packaging will be ripped away, but the package looks so nice when there’s no tape showing on the outside. Thanks for the opportunity to play along for this great giveaway.

  24. Double sided tape is like magic. I used it the other day on a craft project using foam and it worked like a dream. Always have several rolls on hand here at home!

  25. I absolutely LOVE double sided tape. It makes my life so much easier. As a kindergarten teacher I am constantly needing to glue things – I always reach for the double-sided tape when I can, it’s faster, easier, and gives me less of a headache:)

  26. I teach a 3-year-old Christian preschool class and I can’t wait to make these little cornucopias with them for them to take home on the day of our Thanksgiving Feast! The double-sided tape will make it so much easier for them to complete on their own — which makes the quite proud of themselves! : )

  27. I would love to use this to wrap my christmas gifts – hate it when the tape shows even if it is supposed to be invisible – it is not invisible – this would solve the problem.

  28. Now I know what I’ll do with my grandson on that Wednesday when he has no school. Thanks, Marie!

  29. We would love to have this to use with the kids at our public library when we do craft projects.

  30. There are so many things to use double sided tape for, but I mainly use it for scrapbooking stuff.

  31. Why didn’t my teacher in Elementary School have double sided tape when we made cornucopias? I’m sure that’s where the demise of my crafty side started…that paste we used just didn’t do the trick!

  32. This is SOOOOOO cute! This could be more than a cornucopia – it could be used for any holiday as a goodie bag! Ohhhh . . . for party favors at a birthday party using confetti craft paper! So cute!

  33. If I were to receive a sample I would use it to do art projects with my 3 year old as well as to make her an activity board. I know she would love the ease of use and so would I.

  34. I love to make greeting cards, and double sided tape is perfect for adhering craft paper, letters, and other embellishments!

  35. wrapping presents, emergency sticker repair, last minute name badges, you name it, it can do it!

  36. There are always projects where double-sided tape comes in handy–scrapbooking, crafting, school projects!

  37. I use double stick tape to wrap shipping boxes with gift paper. These are then given,out containing gifts. Reuses the box once for me, and maybe more for the recipient.

  38. It’s perfect for when you want ribbon to stay put around a package, but don’t want the taped look… my wrapping can use all the help it can get!

  39. Yay! I’d love some double sided tape! Sign me up! These are super cute. I may have to go out and get some cute thanksgiving paper! (Thanks for all you share.)

  40. I would love to use it to wrap Christmas presents and to make some homemade Christmas crafts.

  41. I have used it for something as easy as wrapping presents for a finished touch but I have also used to to attach fabric to a poster board in a pinch. It held up very well. My girls have used it on posters before to “write” their names and then covered it with glitter. We use it in virtually every way you would use single-sided tape and more!

  42. I love it for my kids’ art projects… we recently used it to make pumpkins! I also love to wrap gifts with it… it makes them look SO nice! ;)

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