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Crayons Shaped into Letters for Teacher Appreciation

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and here’s a fun idea to give: Crayons Shaped into Letters by Testosterone Times Three. My sister shared this with me while searching online and I think it’s such a darling idea. So easy and super colorful! Any teacher would love it!


  1. This will be great for my secret santa present it doesn’t just have to be for teachers and my friend loves to draw we are still young around our preteens.

  2. Hello,my name is DeEddra and I want to say that this is a great idea and one for my sons room wall. I hope so see alot more of your ideas. I am a mom who just loves all kinds of crafts and other ideas,so please keep them coming.

  3. I can appreciate this sentiment but as a teacher I would much rather see the crayons being used by and with children. Teachers appreciate gifts. We love gift cards packaged with a photo of your child and a homemade card.

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas. I’ll have to make this someday when my daughter is older.

  5. Made one today!! If I knew how to link a picture with my comment I would show ya!! Turned out really good. I got some scrapbook stickers to add to it and put it in a 12×12 shadowbox! SO CUTE!!

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