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Crunchy Fall Leaf Pictures

We’ve crunched up egg shells, we’ve glittered sand pictures, now we’re crunching up leaves to make Fall Leaf Pictures. I drew a picture of a leaf, my son drew a picture of a pumpkin, and my daughter drew lovely swirly lines. I think they all turned out fun for fall!

Fall Pictures with Leaf Glitter

Crunchy Fall Leaf Pictures

Supplies for Leaf Pictures:

  • dry leaves
  • paper & pencil
  • white glue
  • bowl
  • tray

First draw the picture with a pencil onto paper. Then trace the pencil line with glue. Place your paper onto a tray that has lipped edges, so the excess leaves can be collected.

step one crunchy leaves

crunching leaves

Crunch up your leaves in a bowl and sprinkle the leaves onto the paper like glitter. Carefully shake off the leaves that don’t stick onto the tray or back into your bowl. Let it dry over night to make sure the crunched leaves stay put.

sprinkling crunchy leaves

crunchy leaves tray

Now you’ve got your beautiful leaf picture. We’re going to hang them up on our wall for a festive Fall decoration.

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  1. I took my 3 preschoolers on a nice long walk today to pick up crunchy leaves. We had great fun smashing them up and making “leave glitter” pictures with them. I’ll be remembering this project to do again next year! I posted pictures on my blog. Thanks for such a great idea!

  2. Such a fun activity for the kids! Combine the gathering of leaves with the craft and they’ll be busy and having for quite awhile!

  3. What a delightful idea! How I wish my 13 grandchildren lived here in town with me. Thank heavens I can send them a link to this website and we can enjoy this fun activity from coast to coast! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents!

  4. What a great idea ! Perfect for fall !! I would have to search long and hard for leaves to crunch where I live. (tropical !!) I did manage to find some beautiful changing leaves last year ! But … they are very few and far between !!

  5. This is awesome! My daughter and I were going to make pictures with leaves but they dried up. Now we can still use them just in a new way.

  6. I love your ideas….I was trying to come up with some sort of activity to do with leaves after school today and this is perfect! Thanks!

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