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Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft

Hi friends! Have you heard of the upcoming animated film release The Wild Life, which hits theaters September 9th? If you haven’t, it’s about an outgoing parrot named Mak and his quirky animal companions that live on a tiny exotic island. When their harmonious lives are disrupted by two savage cats, they discover the true power of friendship against all odds!

Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft

We’re partnering with Lionsgate in celebration of this movie and today I’m sharing an adorable Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Parrot kid craft idea! Not only is it super simple and really inexpensive, but it’s the perfect DIY craft activity to make with the kids to celebrate the upcoming movie release! Display your finished piece as is or use it for a fun pretend play! Let’s flap our feathers together, gather our craft supplies, and make a one-of-a-kind piece today!

Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft

Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Parrot


  • Paper Bag
  • Red Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Yellow/Black/White Cardstock
  • Colorful Cupcake Liners
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • optional – glitter glue, rhinestones, feathers

Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft Supplies

First squirt some red paint on a paper plate. Have children paint their paper bag completely red. This will be the body of their parrot. Set aside to let it dry completely.

painting parrot

While that is drying, have children pick out and flatten/fold in half 12 cupcake liners. Once done, go ahead and divide them into three piles. Now staple each set together to look like feathers. Two of your sets will be the wings of the parrot, while the last set will be placed on the parrot’s head.

cupcake liner crafting

Now grab your cardstock. Go ahead and cut out a triangular beak from the yellow cardstock and eyes from the remaining.

parrot face

To finish off the Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Parrot craft, simple glue/staple on the cardstock pieces and cupcake liner “feathers” in their appropriate places on the paper bag and finish off with any other embellishments you see fit {like beautiful glitter and rhinestones} Then display/play with proudly for ALL to see!!!

parrot kids craft

Watch the trailer for The Wild Life:

Here’s a little more about the movie:

Things are larger-than-life on a tropical isle that is pure wild animal paradise. Then Robinson Crusoe, a marooned human, arrives in the midst of a furious storm, and their lives are forever changed by this bewildering new “creature.” No matter their differences, castaway human and quirky animals embark on an hilarious new adventure, building the island’s first tree-house and surviving together. But when two conniving members of the animal kingdom pounce into a battle for control of the island, Crusoe and his animal posse must uncover the true power of friendship against all odds (even savage cats).

parrot kids craft

Make sure to download these free coloring sheets from the movie to celebrate these darling characters!


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