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Design a Food Truck Printable

Have you and your kids ever eaten at a food truck? We have been to a food truck gathering at a nearby park a few times, and we had such a great time checking out the different trucks and eating yummy food! It’s fun to read the menus, see how the trucks are decorated, and of course, taste a few new-to-us dishes.

My girls especially love all the different food truck themes – from macaroni and cheese to Hawaiian food to pies, and so much more. With that in mind, I thought they might enjoy designing their own food trucks, complete with logos, menus, business cards, and advertisements. This is a great project to get those creative juices flowing!

Design a Food Truck Printable

Design a Food Truck Printable

{Download the Design a Food Truck printables}

1. Decide on a theme and name for your food truck.

2. Color the truck template to show what your food truck will look like. Think about colors, a logo, and windows for serving.

Food truck art project for kids

3. Create a menu for your food truck. Give your food items interesting names, and don’t forget the prices!

Food truck art & writing project

4. You can also create a business card, advertising flyer, coupon, equipment list, and seasonal specials.

Creative food truck activity for kids

My 12-year-old designed two food trucks – a soda truck called Fizz and a s’mores truck called Give Me S’More. Her menus were so elaborate and creative. My 11-year-old turned her love of Shakespeare into a food truck, with Shakespearean Eats. Her tagline is, “Thou shalt have some fries.” I love it!

For even more food truck fun:

Make a 3-D version of your food truck with this paper truck template.

See if your library has a copy of Food Trucks! by Mark Todd. It’s a poetry picture book about all different kinds of food trucks. Such a fun read!

Cook something from your food truck menu.

Have fun creating food trucks with your little entrepreneurs!

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