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Super Simple Hula DIY Grass Skirts

We’re celebrating my daughter’s summer birthday and she chose a Hawaiian theme. Naturally we needed to have few hula grass skirts for the party guests. I’ve come up with a fun DIY option for grass skirts, repurposing plastic tablecloths. They make for a quick and easy skirt that will last as a take-home gift as well.

DIY Hula Grass Party Skirts

These are so simple, you could even save yourself some time and have the kids make them as an activity at the party! NOTE: these are fun for adults too, everyone loves a hula skirt!

DIY: Hula Grass Skirts


  • plastic tablecloths, any color (green preferred)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • velcro – sticky back
  • flower stickers

Plastic Hula Skirt Supplies

Watch our How-to video:

How-to make your own hula grass skirts!

1. Start by cutting your tablecloth in half. One tablecloth will give you 2 grass skirts. With half of the full tablecloth, fold it horizontally. With the fold at the top, now fold it vertically a few times until you about 5-6 inches to work with.

2. Cut 1-2 inch strips into the tablecloth, stoping 4-5 inches from the top fold line.

Cutting Plastic tablecloths for hula skirts

Continue cutting until you’ve cut all along the folds vertically across.

Cutting handmade hula skirts for birthday party

3. Open up your cut tablecloth. You will need to decide how wide to make each skirt. My daughter is small, so we are folding her skirt in half, doubling up the strips. But you can measure each guest as they arrive, making sure you fold it perfectly to fit.

4. Once you have your size determined, add a line of glue to the top of the uncut skirt. I like to use the glue strip devices, makes it easy to add glue that will dry fast and permanent. When you add your line of glue, fold it over to make a thicker edge for the top.

Gluing Plastic Hula Skirt

5. Glue the sides of the folded over edge as well.

Folding and gluing handmade hula skirts

6. Add a strip of sticky back velcro to each side of the skirt at the back to help secure it to each guest’s waist.

Adding velcro to plastic hula skirts

7. Add flowers to the center front of the grass skirts. This can be an activity each guest can do as they arrive or you can have them all ready to go ahead of time.

Adding flower stickers to hula skirts

Now we’re ready to gift our guests when they come, each receiving their own Hawaiian grass skirts for dancing the hula!

Hula Skirt made from plastic tablecloths

Let’s Hula! Pin this post for later:

DIY: Hula Grass Skirts for a Party

Plastic Tablecloth DIY Hula Skirts

DIY Hula Grass Skirts Tutorial

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  1. This just made my day. My daughter wants a hula skirt so bad, but I didn’t ws something that would have small pieces for my 7 month old to choke on. Now I know what I’m going to do! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for this perfect idea! I’ve made crepe paper hula skirts before but they rip quickly! I’m planning a fundraiser next year for Parkinson’s disease and will need inexpensive hula skirts that will stand up to all ages! Love the Velcro too—so much better than ties! Can’t wait to get started ?

  3. Wow! What a great idea! I’m going to have to try it with my daughter. Do you think I could make an adult size for me so that I can play with her?

    1. Yes, in fact, I wore one myself! Once it’s cut, you can fold or unfold it according to the width you need. Very adjustable!

      Have fun!

  4. Love this! I always forget to think about those tablecloths when I am looking for a cheap “fabric” for projects. Good reminder!

    1. Me too! But there are so many functions and repurposing with plastic table cloths. Lots of great party and decorating ideas!

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