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Easy DIY LEGO Terrariums For Kids

LEGO is a huge part of our life, so I’m always looking for creative new ways to incorporate it into learning, decor, or finding new ways to use it. These DIY LEGO terrariums I’m sharing with you are great for kids, but if you are looking for even more fun LEGO ideas, how about these LEGO Batman finger puppet printables for a puppet show, or these 15 fun LEGO party ideas.

Easy DIY LEGO Terrariums For Kids

My twins’ have been obsessed with LEGO for as long as I can remember. They are 11 now, and the entire front room of our house is now a LEGO room. We have a giant table where they’ve been building a town, and don’t even get me started on the tubs of LEGO that have been tipped all over the floor. So, I’m always looking for creative ways to use it and make fun decor they will love for decorating their bedrooms. These easy LEGO terrariums are the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom, plus they’ll love being able to take care of their own little garden. I’ve made two different LEGO succulent terrariums here, one for my daughter’s bedroom that has her favorite LEGO turtle theme, and one for my son that has a LEGO crocodile because he loves being out in nature and exploring the wild.


  • Glass bowls or vases
  • Decorative rocks or stones
  • LEGOs
  • Succulents


Place small stones or rocks in the bottom of the glass container, this will help with draining of any excess water.

Top with a little soil, and then add the succulents.

Then add decorative stones which are great because they come in so many different colors. I used a combination of blue and green to give the illusion of water for both terrariums because I was using a LEGO turtle and crocodile.

Last of all, add your LEGO creations. This project is great if you have lots of LEGO minifigures, or the small packets of LEGO that are stocking stuffers for my kids every year.

So, that was the terrarium I made for my son’s bedroom that now sits on his desk.

For my daughter’s bedroom, I made this one:

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DIY LEGO Terrariums Kids Craft

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