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Get Colorful with Doodle Names

How often do you join in when your kids are creating? Doodle Names is a drawing project that parents and kids can enjoy working on side-by-side. I find that my girls and I always have interesting conversations while we sit and draw together. Plus, doodling is fun and relaxing!

Make Colorful Doodle Names with Kids

To get started, write your name in large block-style letters on your paper. The letters should touch the top and bottom of the paper, as well as each other. This will make all kinds of closed-in spaces for your designs. I did my short name on a letter-size piece of copy paper. For the girls’ names, I cut a 12″x18″ sheet of drawing paper in half.

Older kids can do their own lettering, or you can prep this part for your child. I am not an expert block-letterer by any means, but it doesn’t need to be perfect! I drew the letters in pencil, then traced with a black Sharpie.

Doodle names drawing activity for kids

Now the doodling fun begins! Leave all your letters white, filling in each background space with a unique design. Use a fine tip black pen or marker for this part. (We use Paper Mate Flair pens for drawing like this.)

We drew scallops, swirls, stripes, zigzags, dots, hearts, stars, dashes, different shapes and any other crazy designs we could think of. Depending on how detailed your child wants to be, this may be a project to leave out and work on over a couple sessions.

Doodle names drawing activity for kids

Doodle names drawing activity for kids

You can leave your name doodle black and white, or you can add some color. We were all about the color! Grab some crayons and color each section.

Doodle names drawing activity for kids

That’s it! My girls were very impressed with how their names stood out once everything was colored. Wouldn’t these be great bedroom door signs? We’ll be putting ours on display for sure.

doodle names drawing activity for kids

Happy doodling!

Make Colorful Doodle Names with Kids


  1. salamat sa mga kaibigan ko na ag sosoporta sa akin

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    we love you !!!
    mua-mua-chup-chup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love this page very much and its very awesome and coolsome and going on its watchable page ilove it very much much much much more

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  3. Hi – I wish I could post a photo of the work we did with this. My daughter (6) was so excited about this project that we made 4-5 posters, each for her friends with their names, and handed them out as end of year gifts. Her friends love them and we had so much fun doing this. She insisted I take a photo of her with the posters :-)

  4. I often join in when my kids are creating and find that we inspire each other with our ideas. I remember making these doodle names in junior high — brings back great memories! Great tutorial, Amy.

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