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Draw and Paint a Cute and Chubby Piggie

Pigs are my eight-year-old’s favorite animal, so I knew she would enjoy making a cute piggie painting. Our pigs are super-simple to draw, making this a great project for preschoolers and up. You can use round objects to trace, or draw your circles freehand. I think the freehand circles give the pig great character!

Pig Painting Art Project

Draw and Paint a Cute and Chubby Piggie

Supplies for Piggie Paintings:

  • painting paper
  • black oil pastel, crayon, or Sharpie
  • washable paints and brushes


This piggie is mostly made with circles, so it’s nice and easy to draw freehand or use objects to trace – whichever your child prefers! We drew with a black oil pastel, but if your child gets bothered by a bit of smearing, choose a crayon or Sharpie instead.

Start by drawing the snout circle on the bottom half of your paper. Then add the head circle, with the snout closer to the bottom than the top. Finally, add a nice, chubby pig body circle. The bottom of the body circle should touch (or just about touch) the bottom of the head circle.

Drawing a Pig with Circles

Now, you’re ready to add the details. Draw ears, eyes, nostrils, mouth, two legs, and a curly tail.

Adding Details to Pig Drawing

Mix-up a nice piggie pink color for painting. We also mixed a slightly lighter pink for the snout. Paint your pig! It’s okay if you paint over your black lines – you can always darken them again when your painting is dry.

Pig Painting Project

As you can see in our drawings, we added a horizon line on each side of the pig. Choose a ground color and sky color for your painting. My girls love custom mixing colors, so they added white to green and blue to create the perfect colors. A muddy ground color would look great, too!

Mixing Colors for Pig Painting

Paint the ground and sky, going carefully around the pig. To add clouds to the sky, use a crumpled piece of tissue to blot-off some of the wet blue paint.

Adding Clouds to Sky Painting

Let dry completely, then touch-up any black lines, if needed. Stand back and admire your cute and chubby piggie!

You could add even more details to your painting once it’s dry. With pastels or markers, add flowers, bugs, or even a barn in the background.

Pig Painting Art Project for Kids

Happy creating!

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  1. Wow, that’s just easy to draw and paint a chubby piggie. A great craft portrait perfect to hang on our kitchen wall! I think that the children in our household would love to create this kind of craft using pastels and markers.

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