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Earth Day Recycled Art

To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, we are creating Recycled Art. With a few other craft supplies, we turned our garbage into art. Who wouldn’t love a bunch of tulips that will never wilt?

Egg Carton Recycled Tulips

Earth Day Recycled Art

Supplies for Egg Carton Art:

egg cartons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, paint or markers, glue, scissors

For the flowers:

We used a pipe cleaner, two squares of tissue paper, and single egg cartons, with a hole poked in the bottom of each carton (done by an adult). Once it is all placed on, pull it together. You can even twist a leaf in the stem as well. Now you have flowers that will last forever. I think we will be enjoying these for a little while, then they’ll go to someone special for Mother’s day.

Layers of Flowers Egg Carton Art

Flower Egg Carton ArtStem Flower Egg Carton Art

Flower Bundle Egg Carton Art

For the bugs:

Cut out different sizes of egg cartons for each creepy crawler. We created a Ladybug, Caterpillar, Spider, and a Bee. We used pipe cleaners and googley eyes to make them pop out. Then we actually got out the paints, I rarely do as I fret about mess. But with lots of supervision for my 2 year old, it worked out great.

Painting Egg Carton Bugs

Bug Friends Egg Carton Recycled Art

It was fun to see what the kids wanted to create with egg cartons. We could have kept going with lots more creatures. It’s amazing what you can save from the garbage bin, turning it spectacular.


  1. Love your flowers but next time collect used drier sheets….put a bunch in a ziplock Baggie added some water and liquid watercolor….let them soak a while….drain and squeeze water out and laid out to dry..would be great for your petals….try it next time….Cindy

  2. I loved this project, especially the bugs! I linked to it from my site (librarycollective.blogspot.com), but can’t use trackbacks so wanted to let you know!

  3. So cute! I can do this, just wish I had more egg cartons, I want to do it now! I think I have enough to do the tulips this week with the kids. I know what you mean about the paints, we don’t paint as much as we should. It’s just the clean-up and then there are others that I need to supervise that are not painting! Thanks again for sharing.

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