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Earth Day Recycled Color Wheels

After you’re done marking down all the sales on fruit and vegetables from your grocery ads, cut them all apart by color and add them to a fun Earth Day Recycled Color Wheel.

Earth Day Recycled Color Wheels

Earth Day Recycled Color Wheels

Supplies for Newspaper Color Wheel:

  • grocery story ads
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper plate
  • crayons

Supplies for Recycled Color Wheel


1. Using a crayon, either all black or the same colors as your color wheel, divide and mark your paper plate into sections. We’re finding red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colors. I like to add the color word as well to help with name recognition.

Paper Plate color wheel

2. Find and cut out all kinds of colors from your newspaper grocery ads. Everyone’s getting in on the cutting.

Cutting Newspaper colors

Even my almost 3 year old is helping, or so she thinks. She’s mostly just practicing her cutting skills, making lined cuts all along the paper.

Toddler Cutting time

3. Place each color into little piles.

Sorting Colors

4. Glue each piece of colored newspaper to the corresponding spot on the paper plate.

Gluing paper colors

My daughter wanted to make sure the orange dinosaur she found made it front and center on her color wheel.

Color Wheel

Now you’ve got your bright and cheery recycled color wheel, just in time to celebrate Earth Day!

I’m also sharing another Earth day project for painted pots over at PBS Parents. We’re learning how to grow our own little mini garden, planting herbs that we’ll use again and again in our cooking.

Planting Herbs in Painted Pots


  1. This was a really fun activity. My daughter (4) got a little bored toward the end (short attention span) ;) but we pushed thru and she loved seeing it all done!

  2. I personally think that this is a great occasion to teach kids how to upcycle and make clever things from previously-used items. As a person who’s all about juvenile crafts, this day is fast becoming one of my favorite observances of the year…

  3. Marie,

    I can’t believe your daughter is almost 3! It seems like you just had her. I really have been reading your blog for long time.

    Great kid craft as usual.

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