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Eye-Popping Fun with a Googly Eye Finger Puppet

You probably already know by now that googly eyes and pipe cleaners are my 2 favorite kid craft supplies! Here they are together as a perfect pocket-sized puppet. All you need is a little glue and you’ve got a cute hand puppet ready for adventure.

Supplies for Googly Eye Hand Puppet: 

  • 1 pipe cleaner, any color
  • 8 medium sized googly eyes
  • glue – hot glue is quick and fast, but a white craft glue works good too. I like Aleene’s Tacky glue.

Above supplies make 4 puppets.

1. Cut your pipe cleaner into fourths. Each piece should be around 2-3 inches.
2. Bend your cut piece of pipe cleaner into a letter U shape, with each end bent just a little outward.
3. Glue one googly eye onto each end of the cut pipe cleaner.
4. It’s ready for wrapping around a finger!
If you place the googly eye hand puppet onto your middle finger, it works great as a talking hand puppet. For a fun activity, have children go around the house or neighborhood with their hand puppet and have the “puppet” help them find shapes, letters, or words.


  1. Our church kids call our “hand puppets” shuggies – and it’s a constant game to “get someone’s shuggie” – how cool will it be to give shuggie some eyeballs??

  2. Love this idea! I’m totally going to use it in my kindergarten classroom this fall. I can already see their puppet friend helping them read and write!

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