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Get Silly with Googly Eye Rings

I love googly eyes, it’s one of my favorite crafting supplies. I even love the fun eyebombing craze that has hit towns across America. So how could I resist finding ways to put these googly eyes in more places, even jewelry. Today we’ve got rings, and next week I’ll be sharing the DIY for more “eye-popping” jewelry!

Supplies for Googly Eye Rings:

  • googly eyes, all sizes and colors
  • blank rings – buy some here, or you could use twisted pipe cleaners.
  • glue – I prefer E-6000

1. Decide on the googly eye you’d like to use. You can even place two small eyes on one ring.

2. Add a drop of glue onto your blank ring and place your eye on top. Press and hold for a few seconds. Let the glue dry completely and it’s ready to wear!

This project couldn’t be simpler. The hardest part is choosing which color and size of eyes to use!

Have fun eye-bombing your hands!


  1. Great idea for my son’s class Halloween party! Where did you find the googly eyes with the eyelids and lashes?

    1. I found that set of googly eyes at Michael’s. I can’t remember the brand name, but they should just be near all the other eyes.

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