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“Going Batty” 3D Halloween Card

This Halloween Bat card comes alive with tissue paper wings. He’s making his way to your house to give all a good SCARE!

Supplies for 3D Bat Card:

  • cardstock
  • paper cutter
  • black tissue paper – a 3×12 inch piece
  • black art paper
  • white crayon
  • letter stickers

1. Fold your cardstock piece in half to form a card. Decide if you want to put your bat on the outside of the card or the inside for a little surprise.

2. With the black paper, cut out an oval for the body of the bat and glue it onto the card. I used a black marker to draw on the bat’s ears and a white crayon to draw on eyes, mouth, and fangs (he is dracula of course!)

3. Using the paper cutter, slice a 1-2 inch slit on either side of the bat’s body. Don’t got through to the end, just cut a little opening for the tissue paper to go through.

4. Thread the tissue paper through each slit to form the bat’s wings. This can be a tight squeeze and your tissue paper may get scrunched, but you can straighten it out after. I also cut each end of the tissue paper with zig-zags for more effect.

5. To finish it off, use the letter stickers to make the words “Happy Hallow’EEK” or some other fun Halloweeny saying.

Now this card is ready to give to a friend along with some spooky treats, maybe these Pumpkin Bites from Bakerella.


  1. Hi Marie,

    These are adorable! I’ve linked it on our site again! Thanks for the link for the Pumpkin Bites too. I will have to make those! They look delicious!

  2. Taylor – I agree, keep the gore out of Halloween for as long as we can!

    Lisa – I love your idea for a green stem on a pumpkin. I had a thought to make a spider with pipe cleaner legs sticking out! Lots of fun possibilities. Thanks for adding!

  3. i recently started a blog for nursing home activity directors. I search the web for ideas they can use. I used the one you have here. Thank you so much for the cute and clever idea.

  4. So cute!!! I may try it with my boys. I may even try it in a modified version with green tissue paper for a leaf on a pumpkin. Thanks for the fun idea.

  5. My daughter loves bats, and Halloween, and she loves to make crafts, so this is perfect. I especially like Halloween crafts like this that are cute, not scary, since my kids are still young. They think of Halloween as fun, not scary, and I would like to keep it that way as long as possible.

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