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Green Smoothie Guessing Game

Our whole family loves a good green smoothie! My kids are really great at drinking these up and always wanting more. But to make it even more fun to drink these green colored drinks, we play a little game – Guess the Green Smoothie Ingredients!

Green Smoothie Guessing Game for Kids

Every time I blend up a green smoothie, almost every day, I write down the ingredients I added and ask my kids to see if they can taste the flavors. They take a sip and start to guess…

spinach – kale – coconut milk – almond milk – water – greek yogurt
apple – orange – banana – pear – lemon – lime – grapes – carrot
cherry – raspberry – strawberry – blackberry – blueberry – peach
mango – kiwi – pomegranate – pineapple – avocado

Green Smoothie Ingredients

They can almost always taste the bananas. My kids can also tell the difference if I’ve added any milk, like coconut or almond milk, compared to just water. And they know that if our smoothie is brown, I’ve added in something red or blue – blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries.

Green Smoothie Guessing Game with Brown Smoothies

Some ingredients are harder to guess – peaches and mangoes are a lot alike. So are raspberries and blackberries. But my kids can usually get a few of them right!

Kids Play Guess the Green Smoothie Game

This is also a fun game to play as you explore the 5 senses, especially with taste!

Kid-Friendly Green Smoothies

It’s been so fun to play and it helps my kids drink it all up, tasting all the flavors!

Kid-Friendly Green Smoothie Guessing Game

Here are a 5 kid-friendly recipes to play Guess the Green Smoothie Game:

5 Kid-Friendly Green Smoothie Recipes

  • Beginner’s Luck via Simple Green Smoothies: spinach, water, pineapple, mango banana
  • A Sweet Pear via Simple Green Smoothies: spinach, almond milk, pear, banana, cinnamon
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