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Hatching Butterflies

We had fun watching our Caterpillars grow, form their chrysalids, and hatch into beautiful butterflies. The Painted Lady’s were amazing. We cut them fresh flowers and put drops of sugar water on them to drink. Once we let them free, my daughter wanted to get a net and catch them all back, but it was time for them to find new homes.

Live Butterfly Garden

Going along with our butterfly watching, we read some books for storytime this week that fit perfectly into our Butterfly theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic and always fun to read. Our caterpillars really kept getting fatter every day, just like the one in the book. But ours were on a controlled diet, not like this hungry caterpillar.

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Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards was a fun book to read as this little caterpillar was caring and courageous. She might only be a plain cabbage caterpillar, but her beautiful cream color comes in handy in the end.

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For our butterfly craft, we made a few more Tissue Paper Butterflies. This time we were able to catch these butterflies with our nets, knowing they’d be safe in our house to keep.

Here are a few more Butterfly Crafts I have been seeing fluttering around:

Coffee Filter Butterlies

Big Bead Caterpillars

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Stick Puppets




  1. WOW!! I love the butterfly presentation you put together!
    We were thinking about using one of those butterfly gardens but weren’t sure how they worked. Thanks to you sharing, now we know!! Have a great day :D

  2. I used to do this with my first graders and it was always so exciting. I’m definitely checking out those links, my little one is all about butterflies lately.

  3. Hi Marie!
    Thanks for sharing! My students and I just released ours today at school. They were so sad to see them fly away! I read my 3rd graders a new book I found … Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes…It was really cute and good for older kids. It’s fiction but has a few nonfiction facts.
    My son and I will release our Painted Ladies tomorrow! Be sure to stop by and check out our pics!

  4. So many fun ideas. I’m “sharing the love” with you over on my blog. If you have time, please stop by.

  5. I am a faithful blog-checker of yours. I found you through Today’s Creative Blog. With four pre-schoolers I am always looking for ideas that keep us busy and get them excited about learning and doing new things, which is why I love your blog! I started a new blog of my own and was wondering if I could link you in mine? Thanks and check me out sometime.

  6. Thanks for including my coffee filter tutorial! I love your blog and have visited numerous times. I’m determined to make the chunky crayon project you have. My daughter LOVES to peel the paper off of crayons. That alone makes this a super project :)

  7. The Hungry Caterpillar was my favourite book when I was little and I always buy it for my friends children now!

    Victoria xx

  8. very cool. good idea to read the caterpillar books. we made sea shell butterflies a while ago; they turned out cute too.

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