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How To: Washcloth Pom Pom Sponges

We’re big fans of water! Even in the cold, sometimes breezy winds of Seattle, we’re getting out the mini pool to play outdoors. So we’re making a few fun washcloth pom pom water toys to splash around with in the pool, very similar to our wet water sponges we’ve made before.

Washcloth Pom Pom Sponges

Supplies for Washcloth Pom Pom Sponges:

  • washcloth
  • zip tie
  • scissors

1. Fold your washcloth in half.

2. With one side of the short folded end, start to fold the washcloth accordion style, like a fan.

3. Holding the accordion fold together tightly, add a zip tie around the center and pull it tight. Trim off the excess plastic tie with scissors.

4. Fluff out the edges a little bit and these sponges are ready for playtime.

**The great part about these washcloth sponges is they can easily be put into the washing machine after a few uses, helping keep them clean.

So fill up the mini pool, dunk these washcloth sponges in water, and they are ready for a toss! Check out our video sharing our Target Toss Water Game!


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