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Kids in the Craft Room: Basic Craft Supplies

Here’s the latest video in our Kids in the Craft Room series, helping to get kids crafting. Today we’re talking all about basic craft supplies to have on hand. I’m sharing my 5 favorites and my daughter shares her 5 favorites too. With these 10 must have craft supplies, the kids will be ready to craft.

I have to say that pipe cleaners and googly eyes are my top 2 must have craft suppliesBut if you know me or my blog at all, you probably already knew that! Below is a photo of the supplies we’re sharing. Watch the video to see what we have to say about them all!

Watch our Basic Craft Supplies Video:

All of these craft supplies can be found at your local craft store, Michael’s Crafts, JoAnn’s Fabric, Walmart, and Target. You can also purchase these supplies online, thanks to MT sponsor, ConsumerCrafts.com.

top 10 basic craft supplies

If you missed the first video in the series, talking about where to craft, make sure to visit the Kids in the Craft Room page.

Basic Craft Supplies Ideas:

Be sure to check out our Make and Takes for Kids book, with 50 Crafts Throughout the Year. The ideas in here will help you get the kids crafting too. And I can tell you that all of these supplies are used to craft with in my book!

15 Simple Keepsake Fingerprint Crafts – these classic fingerprint crafts are so fun to make and kids will have a blast using their own fingers as the supply as well. Plus, all these ideas are great for gifts or to keep as a keepsake!

15 Keepsake Fingerprint Crafts

Clothespin Crafts Your Little Ones Will Love to Make – oh ya, clothespins are such a great craft supply as well, so many amazing craft ideas to make with them. I love those Minions, so much fun!

Have fun crafting with your Basic Craft Supplies!


  1. Just paper and some sort of color device (crayons, markers) can go a long way…

  2. Recycled paper, paper scraps, scissors and glue along with anything their imagination can come up with.

  3. i have taken to carrying a few mini paper punches in my purse with colored scraps of paper and a glue stick. quick craft you can do anytime, and i love that it strengthens their fine motor skills

  4. Great list — beads are a favorite here along with any kind of foam sticker.

  5. my favorite craft supply for kids is pipe cleaners–they have so much potential!

  6. Wow…the must haves go quick in our house, with 4 under 5. We love to craft and do projects. I just found you and can’t wait to check in regularly. Maybe I will win who knows :)

    Happy crafting!!

  7. The glue gun is a good one (for me)… and finger paints (for my boys)!
    What a fun book!

  8. Glue dots!!!!! Fast easy mess free! And model magic
    Love the sight just found it!

  9. I have a tote with all kinds of odds & ends, buttons, lapel pins, trinkets, small rocks…and glue!

  10. With three little girls, a favorite craft supply in our house is glitter, rhinestones, sequins – anything glittery! They love to draw pictures and adorn them with sparkles, or add them to other crafts. It seems to bring just the right touch for them.

  11. Our favorites right now are foam sheets and stickers. My daughter uses them all the time to make cards and pictures for almost anyone who will accept!

  12. Paper, scissors and tape, my son creates by himself with just with these three. I forgot! add some markers to draw details

  13. My son is only 20 months so we use a lot of crayons, paper, glue sticks and stickers. He’s recently shown interest in self-inking stamps so I need to get some of those for him :)

  14. Glue seems to be one necessary supply these days with paint a close second!

  15. empty cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, scissors and of course, meters and meters of tape. You can craft everything with this :)

  16. LOVED this video Marie! Your daughter is so sweet I just want to hug her! I totally noticed a huge difference in what we talked about too, fabulous!!

  17. I think paper is the most used craft item we use. Also the internet as we get so many craft ideas from websites like make and takes. Thank you so much. Would love a copy of your book.

  18. Elmers Xtreme glue stick. Works way better than a regular glue stick. Also markers, crayons, colored pencils and paint. We seem to go through them like they are water.

  19. I’m a children’s librarian and we use a lot of googly eyes, too! They add personality to everything!

  20. My grandson is only one year old, and just getting into crafting, so right now, I would have to say tempera paint is our favourite craft supply.

  21. I love good old fashioned construction paper (colored) and scissors. The possibilities are endless!

  22. I love little punches, well actually my boys do. They make such a mess with little cut outs everywhere, but they will knock out a piece of paper so fast with those!

  23. Ok, aside from the basics (glue, mediums to add color, scissors) my kids never tire with wood. From large murals to catapults, they are rather creative with it.

  24. right now my kids favorite craft supply is their thin tipped black pens. We just bought them for some art projects and they have fallen in love with using them. So simple, yet they will sit there and use them for long stretches of time.

  25. As was said, my kids start with paper. Then pencils and markers. The littlest is crazy for tape and scissors. We are enjoying those fancy patterned scissors at the moment. I must have good quality packing tape and double sided tape (like for photo mounting). With that I can repair almost everything and make an envelope that is the perfect size for everything from trading cards to party invitations.
    Did I mention the paper? White, card stock, construction, patterned, glittery, shiny, ad infinitum.

  26. Our favorite is construction paper, scissors, glue (my 3 yo sons favorite along with lots of tape..haha) and stickers.

  27. Our favorite craft supply is clay, like oven-baking Fimo, or simpy Play-doh. The boys love the hands-on squishiness of it. With Play-doh, they can create, smash and recreate. Okay, so Play-doh isn’t necessarily a crafting item, but it’s fun… :)
    With the oven-baking kind, they can create, bake and keep forever. I have a beaded key chain made by my 6-year-old. It’s hard as a rock and will remain with me until, well, until it doesn’t! Playing with clay or -doh is a great stress reliever and creative outlet for my three boys!

  28. Must have craft “supply”? Something to organize it all in. It is SO much easier to be creative quickly when you can put your hands on what you need. I have two tall cabinets of plastic drawers. The most popular supplies in those drawers are the random bits and scraps one drawer is dedicated to. It’s by far the most popular drawer.

  29. My favorite craft supply for children is . . . (do I have to pick just one?). . . paper! You can tear it, fold it, cut it, paint on it, draw on it, etc. And SO many pretty ones to choose from!

  30. Who can choose just one! Glue, scissors, beads, pipe cleaners and finger paints!

  31. Toilet paper rolls are the best thing on hand for kids crafts….you can do SO many things with them!!

  32. fancy scissors, stickers and cardstock!! I’d love your book since I am involved with kids’ club and are always on the lookout for craft ideas

  33. Our favorite craft supply has got to be glue sticks! We’re always going through them since we homeschool plus we help host a learning co-op in which we have 11 students. Every time I go to the Dollar Tree I pick up at least one pack:)

  34. Love glue dots-not as messy as glue, like to have a variety of sizes and colors of paper, fun foam, markers. Thanks for the chance to win your book. Enjoyed watching you and your daughter show your favorite craft supplies!

  35. Glue has to be our favorite. Great to mix with things and fun to just squeeze out of the bottle.

  36. My favorite craft item for kids is scissors. This book looks great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. All-time favorite has to be colorful construction paper! There are a million things you can do with just one package of paper when you include the staples: glue, crayons, tape, stickers, etc. Count me in for this giveaway! :)

  38. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! Our must-have craft supply is paper – it can be used for so many things!

  39. I once bought a large bag of assorted beads, with some craft project in mind, but my kids decided it was more fun to sort and organize the beads. It’s an ongoing project :)

  40. paper. and scissors. stamps, markers, ink… it all starts with paper for the kids in my craft room!


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