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Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

We’ve partnered with Workman Publishing for a fun summer giveaway! All you parents of school-age children are going to love these SUMMER BRAIN QUEST workbooks. They are all about bridging the gap for kids learning between summer months and the next school year. My 9 year old is going to be all set for 4th grade as she works on these books this summer!

Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

Their goal is to empower kids to have a voice in what they learn and how they learn, while also working on the fundamentals. With kids learning, they can have a personalized and unique teaching method that’s right for them! Plus these books are great for a little down time during the summer as well, off the electronics. A few pages a day will help keep their brains ready for the next year!

More about Summer Brain Quest:

SUMMER BRAIN QUEST (On sale April 18th) is an exciting new extension of our beloved and #1 bestselling Brain Quest brand (with 45 million copies in print). Each summer, parents and teachers are on a mission to prevent “summer slide,” (where most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math, and many also lose reading achievement, during the summer). Now Brain Quest joins the fight against it with workbooks targeting each summer between kindergarten and 6th grade. SUMMER BRAIN QUEST is an effective new tool for parents, homeschoolers, tutors, and teachers alike.

Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long


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