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Spreading Kindness with North Pole Ninjas

I’m always looking for ways my children can be part of something bigger during this time of year. I want to make sure they understand it’s not all about what presents Santa is going to bring. In comes the book, North Pole Ninjas, Mission: Christmas to help bring more kindness to the world this holiday season! This book is all about how we can help others, participating in kindness actions, while having a little bit of fun as well!


I’m partnering with Penguin Young Readers and their newest book North Pole Ninjas, Mission: Christmas, by authors Tyler Knott Gregson and Sarah Linden (in stores now)! Your little ones are going to love this book and all the amazing kindness missions it encourages your family to go on with help from a plush toy “sensei”! It just what this holiday calls for – spreading kindness this Christmas season!


Here’s a little more about North Pole Ninjas:

You may not know that Santa has a team of special elves, selected for their ability to help carry out top-secret missions that are all about helping, giving, caring, and listening. Anyone who receives this box is called upon to help carry out those top-secret missions with a bit of stealth and an open heart.



*Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for sponsoring this post. Be sure to follow PenguinKids on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #NorthPoleNinjas for more ideas and inspiration!

Another giveaway from Penguin Young Readers also hosting a social sweepstakes where one winner will receive $200 worth of books. To enter, share a photo to social media completing a North Pole Ninjas kindness mission and use both hashtags #NorthPoleNinjas and #Sweepstakes. This will run from Nov 12 – Dec 31!

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