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Marshmallow Bunny Treats

Isn’t he cute? We made him out of pink strawberry marshmallows. He’s almost too cute to eat, but my kids loved picking him apart for a snack.

Homemade Marshmallow Bunny

Supplies for Marshmallow Easter Bunny:

  • large and small marshmallows
  • toothpick – broken in half
  • mini m&ms or other tiny candy

Cut one large marshmallow in half lengthwise and one large marshmallow horizontally. Then cut 3 small marshmallows in half (either way) and one small marshmallow in fourths.

Marshmallow Bunny

Now assemble. By cutting the marshmallows, their insides are sticky and they’ll stay stuck together. You do need to attach the head and body with a toothpick. Then place on 2 m&m eyes and half an m&m for a nose. Even a half a marshmallow for a tail.

Here’s a few more Easter Bunnies hopping around the internet:


  1. This is so easy, I could definitely handle this project! Thanks for a great blog. I just found you via Cool Mom Picks. I can’t wait to try your ribbon rhythm sticks with my daughter too. If it’s alright, I may pass that idea along on my blog. I’ll be visiting!

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