With the Kids

Marshmallow Straw Structures

It’s time for a super simple craft for the kids… Marshmallow Straw Structures! Not only is this a great activity for all, it can help develop math skills, problem solving, and small motor skills. And if you use straws that are bendable, it makes for even more fabulous creations!

Marshmallow Straw Structures for Kids to Build

Supplies for Marshmallow Straw Structures:

  • large marshmallows
  • bendable straws
  • scissors

Marshmallow Straw Structure Supplies

1. Cut your straws in half, thirds, or fourths with your scissors

2. Attach a marshmallow to one end of your straw. And keep adding straws and marshmallows to create your structure!

TIP: twist your straw into the marshmallow to help it go in and through at least half way. 

Marshmallow Straw Structures for Kids to Build and Create

We’ve had fun with these building blocks in our Building Block Birthday Party. Or they’re great for a crafty summer day. Enjoy!


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