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Make Your Own Milk and Cookies Bar

As I was ordering my weekly Smith Brothers Farms milk, (I love delivery) they featured a fun tutorial on how to make your own milk and cookies bar! I couldn’t have loved this idea more, so I’m partnering with them on this fabulous recipe to share with all of you. It’s such a fun idea for an after-school treat, a child’s birthday, or family movie night.

Make Your Own Milk and Cookies Bar

Milk and Cookies Bar

If you’re like me, you’re going to want to make this today just for you ;) Pick your favorite cookie recipe or you can purchase yummy store-bought cookies. No matter the cookies, it’s such a creative way to serve the classic milk and cookies with your family and friends! (Thanks to Saskia Potter for the use of her images)


  • milk cartons – Smith Brothers Farms if you’re in the PNW
    * you can substitute any flavor milk
  • straws
  • 2-3 cookies per carton


Press your straw through your cookies and center them on the straw. If the cookies are soft enough, push the straw right through. If the cookies are crunchy, you can make your own small hole in the center of each with a small knife or metal skewer, and slide the straw through.

Place your straw into an opened milk carton, or any milk container you have on hand, even a small glass will work filled with milk. TIP: if using a milk carton, close the lid flap once the cookie straw is in place to help it hold better until it’s time to munch.

Milk and Cookies Bar Party Idea

I also LOVE this idea pictured below for adults! Put these cookie straws with some Tony’s cold brew coffee cartons and it’s great for a mid-day treat!

Cold Brew Coffee and Cookies Bar

Now it’s time to party! These would be so fun for a child’s sleepover while you watch a movie and snack on some milk and cookies!

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