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Mini Gumdrop Pumpkin Ornaments

Similar to our Festive Gumdrop Trees, I thought it would be fun to create a few fun pumpkins ornaments for Halloween. These cute little pumpkins are perfect for hanging on your door knob or on a spoooooky tree!

Supplies for Gumdrop Pumpkins:

  • orange, green, yellow gumdrops or spice drops
  • Styrofoam balls, any size
  • toothpicks
  • ribbon
  • glue

1. Break all of your toothpicks in half. You only need a small piece to put into the gumdrop.

2. Press your toothpick gumdrops into your styrofoam ball all around. You can do it in a pattern around or just randomly.

3. Make sure your gumdrops are pushed in close to one another to fill in all the white spaces.

4. Once your pumpkin gumdrop ornament is finished, glue a folded piece of ribbon to the top of it, just behind the green stem of the pumpkin. Let it dry completely.

Now it’s ready to hang!

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