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Crafty Mini Lightsabers Spring into Action

These crafty mini Lightsabers made from pipe cleaners sprang into action when my son turned 6 and we threw him a Star Wars Birthday Party. They are perfectly paired with lego Star Wars figures or mini action figures, or even just a mini lightsaber battle with tiny hands!

Pipe Cleaner Lightsaber Crafts for Star Wars Toys

I was coming up with fun Star Wars related crafts and this one popped into my head. They make for great party favors and fit perfectly into little hands.

Mini Lightsabers Pipe Cleaners


  • Pipe Cleaner (also known as Chenille Stems, Fuzzy Sticks, Pipe Wire). You’ll need black and your favorite lightsaber color.

Steps to make a pipe cleaner lightsaber


1. Cut only the black pipe cleaner in half then fold it in half.
2. Fold the long red pipe cleaner in half.
3. Make an X with the black and red pipe cleaners and fold them over.
4. Twist up the black one and twist up the red one.

Pipe Cleaner Lightsaber Craft

You’re done! Now your mini lightsabers are ready for a duel. They even fit perfectly in the hands of your action figures!

Star Wars Lightsaber Pipe Cleaner Craft

Will your lightsaber be Blue, Green, Purple, or dun dun dun… Red?


  1. This is a GREAT idea!! I am definitely going to have to do this!! My six year old is into Starwars, just started reading the comic book! (well I read it to him-but he tries to get some of the words!) Now I need to get some of the little figures!!

    Thanks for another great idea!

  2. too funny! my son loves star wars..and since he is always unintentionally relocating (ha) the lightsabers..this is a great replacement! and good fine motor work, too.

  3. My five year old heard me say, “That’s neat,” when I pulled up your blog. He said, “I want to see what you are looking at.” So I showed him and he said, “I want to make one.” I guess I will be heading to the store after the FedEx guy comes this morning to get really fun chenille stems. All three of my kids (even my one year old, who remembers the music – you would have to read one of the latest posts on my blog for laughs at that one) love Star Wars and this will be fun. It will be much less hazardous than playing with their real light sabers, during which time someone always gets hit on the head too hard or my littlest screams because he can’t play with one (that’s the hard part about having three kids and two light sabers). Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I have an upcoming Star Wars party to plan. Great ideas!

  5. Really cute!!! You should cut down Yoda’s a bit because Yoda’s lightsaber is shorter than everyone else’s. Yup… I have my own Star Wars fan… except that mine is 26 years old.. hehe

  6. I love those! Even though I don’t have boys my daughter is still a star wars fan because my husband shared his love of star wars with her. I could see my husband having a great time making them for himself, I mean for my daughter to play with.

  7. I love this idea!! My son and his friends will think I’m the coolest mom because I am totally doing this!

  8. OK, that RULES! and this post has inspired me to share my star wars party story…i’ll let you know when i post it. : )

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