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Mini Pot of Gold Party Favors

These mini pots of gold are the perfect little place setting for a St. Patrick’s Day party. You can make these with large pots for a centerpiece or craft them into this miniature version.

Supplies for Mini Pot of Gold:

  • small terra cotta pots
  • black paint and brush
  • pipe cleaners in rainbow colors
  • scissors
  • gold wrapped candies

1. Paint each terra cotta pot black and let them dry.

2. Cut each pipe cleaner in half. Bend them slightly and slide them into the pot, one on top of the other.

3. Fill them to the top with gold colored candies. Place these mini pots at your table and they’re ready for the party.

For a little added fun, you could even hide each pot around the house and see if your own little leprechauns can find them.

Or you could even use these fun rainbow painted pots I shared over at Craftzine.


  1. Thank you for this super idea. I’m irish, living in Dublin and planning a big Paddy’s day bash at home so am delighted to find and use your inspirational pots o’ gold! Fair play to you!
    Go mbeannaigh Dia thu! (God bless you!)

  2. adding to my st. patty’s to do list! thanks so much for the comment and invite to spotlight! (comment from laurel) this is one of my new favorite sites and i didn’t even know about spotlight.. it’s such great stuff! (hence the name i suppose) :P
    thank you again!!

  3. My 4-year-old loved this activity so much last year that right after Christmas she began asking when St. Patrick’s Day would be so we could do the rainbow pots. (We spray painted rocks gold for the pot intended for our diabetic friend.)

    1. Janel, I love the idea for painted gold rocks. Perfect. And LOVE that your 4 year old was excited to craft!

  4. Cute idea. Incase anybody is looking for mini pots – I saw some in the dollar section of Target… although I am sure your local home improvement store has them too.

  5. I have to tell you, Marie. The 2009 pot of gold post is the first craft blog post I ever remember seeing. That led to more craft blog browsing, and then it wasn’t long until I started my own blog. Thank you to you and your adorable rainbow pots of gold. :)

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