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Mix and Match Monster Flip Book

We keep our Halloween fun on the silly side around our house. My girls are not into scary! We had a great time drawing a stack of silly monsters together, then putting them together into a mix and match monster flip book. Wait till you see some of our creative and crazy monsters!

Monster Mix and Match Flip Book

To make this project super-easy, I made a basic blob shape template for our monsters, along with cutting lines for the three tabs. These print two on a page, so print a stack and cut your pages in half.

{Download the monster flip book template}

Monster Flip Book Template

Create your monsters with your favorite drawing materials. If your kids aren’t into monsters, make animals, aliens, or crazy critters instead.

We talked about all the things we could add to our monsters – horns, wings, tentacles, antenna, hair, spots, stripes, plus any number of eyes, noses, mouths, arms, etc. The more variety, the better!

Create and draw silly monsters

This is a great project to leave out for a few days, or bring along in the car. The more monsters you create, the more crazy combinations you can make later.

Here are a few of my girls’ favorite monster creations:

Monsters for flip book

Drawing monsters for flip book

Carefully cut your monsters into three parts – cut on the dotted lines, stopping at the solid black line.

Cutting flaps for monster book

Make a cover for your book with a piece of 9″x12″ construction paper folded in half. Decorate the cover, too! Stack up all the monster pages, place them inside the cover, and staple the book together.

Now you’re ready to mix and match the flaps to create some super-crazy monsters!

Mix and match monster book

Monster flip book

My girls are planning to use this book as a fun story starter. What would you name your monster? Where does he live? What does he eat? I can’t wait to see all the monster personalities they come up with!

Happy monster creating!


  1. I love this idea!! I think I’m going to do this with my daughter’s whole Kindergarten class, each making one for the Halloween party. Then we’ll put it together and the kids can look at it during reading time!

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