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Make a Mother’s Day Craft Bookmark She’ll Love

For Mother’s Day a few years back, my sweet hubby made me this Mother’s Day craft bookmark and it has been my favorite gift! I just love looking at the photos of my cuties. The next year, we made these bookmarks for Grandmas and they loved them even more. One Grandma keeps it in her purse instead of her books. These personalized bookmarks are a sentimental and practical gift all in one! Wrap one up with a favorite book and you’ve got the perfect gift for any mom!

Mothers day bookmark

A Bookmark for Mom

To make these photo bookmarks, find a Photo booth that prints out a column of photos together. These booths typically print in black and white, although some booths now print in color! I have always found these booths at Kmart or sometimes at the mall. The example below was made with my computer out of photos I have and I cropped them to fit the size of a bookmark. This is a great alternative if you’re not able to get to a photo booth or having trouble finding one in your area. Once you have the photos printed, then cut a piece of cardstock paper a little larger than the photo line. Glue the photo line onto the paper.

Paper for Mom Bookmark

You can also decorate the back of the bookmark. Another photo line can be added or a fun saying. You could put meaningful sentiments from you as well, or add a pretty pattern or stencil. For this bookmark, I typed up lots of ways to say the word “Mother” in different languages, but you could try adding a personal note or a favorite poem instead. Then add a few stickers or ribbon to embellish.

Mom Bookmark 2

The last step is to seal the bookmark so it will last for a very long time! You can go to a copy store to have it laminated, or you can buy contact paper to laminate it yourself.

What Moms cant do

It’s now ready for a Mother and a good book. Here is one of my favorite books for Mother’s Day. It is called, What Moms Can’t Do by Douglas Wood. It talks about how Moms can’t “make the bed without help” or “Mom’s can’t hear themselves think!” It’s cute, a perfect story for any Mom.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and that you and your loved ones enjoy this fun bookmark idea!


  1. Miri – For my bookmarks, I have an Adobe Photoshop program that allows me to upload pictures and crop them and resize them. You can definitely print them out singly and glue the on. Since I suggest to get them laminated or covered in contact paper, any way you do it should be fine.

  2. May I ask what software did you use to fit the photos to the bookmark? Did you print them one by one and paste them onto the white paper? Thank you

  3. What a super cool idea! I just found out about the Tip Junkie site and am loving all these cool ideas by fellow mommies (and daddies) and saw yours on there. We love “What Moms Can’t Do” in this house as well and will be getting “What Dads Can’t Do” for Father’s Day.
    Thank you for the cute craft!

  4. I love this! Also, I linked to your grocery activity post today and have included your blog in my sidebar bloglist. Thanks for sharing so many creative projects for kids!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! This is an easy gift that can be done last minute, which is usually how things go for me these days.

  6. What a great idea!!! Thanks so much because you know I have waited until the last possible minute to get Mother’s Day gifts…I am doing this!! I might even do it for Nursery…thanks!!

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