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Moustaches for Good

As some of you may already be aware, it’s that time of year again… Movember. I’ve joined the growing club of gentlemen who believe in the virtues of fine moustachery and have grown a moustache during the month of November for charity. Last year, over 450,000 individuals worldwide joined the Movember Foundation’s cause and raised over $80M for cancer research. The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and their men’s health partners, Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).

I’ve learned a few important lessons during the time I’ve spent with my lip sweater over the last several weeks:

  1. Small children tend to be very untrusting of people with moustaches. I believe this to be less about blatant moustache discrimination, but more about some critical survival instinct they’re born with.
  2. Law enforcement tends to be a bit more forgiving with traffic violation citations for moustached Americans.
  3. Lastly, moustache grooming is akin to Bonsai. It requires patience, precision, & dedication, but the fruits of your labors produce a work of art.

My kids have even joined the cause:

The devastating impacts of cancer are near and dear to my heart. My dad, Stephen, passed away April 1st, 1982, at the age of 30 from a rare form of testicular cancer. I was only 4 years old. Here’s a picture of him with, ironically, a moustache:

~ Join me in supporting this cause. Visit http://mobro.co/jordanl/d to donate ~


  1. Jordan, each year your lip sweater keeps getting better! I know “Daddy in Heaven” would be please with you; I am! Oh, and start a humorous blog! You’d have me laughing everyday and just think how much energy would be created!

  2. My very favourite part of this is that you are very interested in the art of moustachery. Your moustache is indeed very handsome Jordan, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  3. Dude. Mark just came in and was like: Is that mustache for real? Gross! Jordan really grew that?

    Me: It’s for a good cause. That makes everything better. Even mustaches.

    Or moustaches as you call them

    1. Tell Mark that it actually makes me 7% more dangerous (it’s a fact). Plus, I feel closer to the spirit of Ron Burgundy than ever before.

  4. I thought your comment on children being wary of men with mustaches was interesting. My children beg and plead my husband NOT to shave his mustache. Then they grieve when he finally shaves it off. But it grows back quickly enough and they are happy again. I didn’t realize Movember benefited anyone other than my children who love mustaches. Thanks for sharing the info on the Movember Foundation.

  5. My son in law is doing the same thing. His father died in 2005. At the age of 59 of prostate cancer. He was a wonderful father, spouse and physician. THIS A CAUSE DEAR TO OUR HEART!

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