With the Kids

Picnic on the Green

We love to get out a blanket, make a yummy lunch, and eat out on the grass. Well, we are having a hard time finding the green grass in our backyard these days, so we settled for the green carpet in our living room. I try to make a lunch that is not “spill-able” like PB&Js with grapes and a fruit juice. But of course we still ended up with some peanut butter smeared on the blanket and a lovely fruit juice stain. Try to use the same blanket every time so that the stains will only pile up on the one blanket.


We are wishing it was warm outside, as you can see. So if we decide to bring the kiddie pool into the house, swimsuit and all, I’ll let you know.


  1. Michie – The blanket is a must have, especially if we use drinks too.

    Lindsay – We still want to change our carpet color or go to hard wood floors. But the green carpet worked for this post!!

    Kimberly – Thanks for passing on the Make and Take love. I am sure your friend is a much better quilter. I wouldn’t use the word talented with mine!!

    Marta – I love eating with the kids too. It is more fun when we can go outside, but this works great for winter.

  2. I just emailed your blog address to my best friend – who also has an indoor picnic blanket, and is a hugely talented quilter…AND lives in Utah. Where’s the Twilight Zone music, eh?

    And I so need to do this with my girls!

  3. Ha Ha! Who knew the green carpet would come in handy someday…(aren’t you glad you guys didn’t change it right away?). Cute kiddies, give them a squeeze for me!

  4. My daughter likes to have a “picnic” in the living room too. For some reason I never thought of using a blanket. Duh! :) Cute picture.

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