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3D Pipe Cleaner Garden Art on Canvas

Looking for some inexpensive, cute ways to bring sunny weather indoors?  This adorable 3D Pipe Cleaner Garden Art on Canvas is a fun little project for kids — and a pretty piece of home decor to hang in the house!

I am so in the mood for the nice weather! Everything’s coming up fresh and new in the garden. Even if all the winter crafts are adorably cute, I can’t wait for some green and brightness around me!

3D Pipe Cleaner Spring Garden Art on Canvas

Spring and Summer are my favorite times of the year because it is perfect for outdoor play! But there are days when you are stuck at home or days when it’s time to get crafty in the classroom and this project is just perfect for that! This wall art is great for helping develop fine motor abilities and lovely to be hung up on a wall in your home, daycare, or classroom.


  • Canvas Board 8×10 inches
  • Acrylic Colors – Blue & Green
  • Pipe Cleaners – Green for the Grass,  Pink, Brown & Black for the Snail, White & Red for the Mushroom and  Yellow & Orange for the Sun.
  • Scissors
  • Brush to paint
  • White buttons
  • Tacky Glue


1. Making the Pipe Cleaner Snail:

I used 3 pipe cleaners in different shades of pink for the shell and a brown pipe cleaner for the body of the snail.

Start by twisting one light pink pipe cleaner into a tight circle one inch wide. Slowly, while holding the circle between your thumb and forefinger, twist the next pipe cleaner around it twice. Cut off the extra. Add another layer around this to make the snail’s shell.

For the body, twist a brown pipe cleaner into 3 folds.  Squeeze one end to taper and the other end to expand and resemble the head.

For the tentacles, cut a black pipe cleaner in half, fold it in the middle and twist its ends.

Time to assemble. Using Tacky glue or a glue gun, stick the shell onto the body of the snail. Hold tightly till the glue is completely dry.

Repeat the same for the tentacles as shown in the image below.

2. Making the Pipe Cleaner Mushroom:

Roll a red pipe cleaner into an egg shape while being careful not to leave space between layers. Secure the end using glue.

For the base, twist a white pipe cleaner into a tight roll that’s about 1.5 inches long. Using glue or a glue gun, stick the mushroom’s head over its stalk.

Glue some white buttons to complete the look.

3. Making the Pipe Cleaner Sun:

Twist a yellow pipe cleaner into a tight circle to form the center of the sun. Cut Orange pipe cleaner into 6 pieces

Using glue, stick the orange pieces to the back of the sun to form the sun rays.

Stick a circular piece of paper at the back to secure all pieces if required.

4. Getting the Canvas Ready:

Start by painting the top 2/3rd canvas with a light wash of acrylic blue paint using a wide brush. While that dries, paint the lower third green for the pasture.

Once the canvas is completely dry, cut out pieces of green pipe cleaner and stick as below.

Place & move the Snail, Mushroom & Sun around the canvas till you are satisfied where you would like each element to go on the canvas. Now, one by one, glue the pipe cleaner spring elements onto the canvas. This is a good chance to talk about seasons, snails and mushrooms. I love the way craft projects are not only calming and fun but often times they end up as a gateway to explore and learn advanced concepts too. Isn’t it amazing?

Clearly, your 3D Pipe Cleaner Garden Art will look MUCH better if it is framed in a nice white frame and hung over a comfortable couch in your family room. But for now, I have it right at my desk where I can see it every day!

Canvas & Pipe cleaners are pretty affordable at crafting stores and, with a little crafting love, they can turn into a sweet little project for children — and a pretty piece of home decor for mama.


  1. I love your posts! Thanks for contributing the best tips in an approachable, down to earth way. You’re talent is huge, and your practicality is quite grounding in this digital world. Thank you!

  2. Plants can be such great company! Such a mood lift in isolation, especially if it’s hard to get out for regular fresh air and walks.

  3. Such a nice well-thought out, comprehensive post! Thanks! I definitely relate to that feeling you get when you want to change things around. I’m currently working on getting rid of everything that isn’t useful or isn’t beautiful in my home.

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