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Popsicle Stick Farm Critters

When we think of spring we think of new life and nature. On the farm there’s all sorts of new life in the spring. Baby chicks are hatching, piglets are born, calves are by their mama’s sides and cute farm babies are abundant. Children love farm animals, so why not put together these craft stick cuties that can be used as puppets or even bookmarks! A fun project for a spring afternoon.

Popsicle Stick Farm Critters

For this craft you will need these supplies:

  • 5 jumbo craft sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons (tan and pink)
  • Small pink bead
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue dots
  • Felt: light brown, dark brown, black, pink,orange, and red
  • Paint: white, black, light brown, pink and orange
  • Fine point marker

Popsicle Stick Farm Critters

Begin by painting the craft sticks. Two of them will be white and the other three will be pink, light brown, and orange. paint some black splotches randomly on one of the white sticks.

Popsicle Stick Farm Critters

Use a thin paint brush (or you can use a black Sharpie!) to add stripes to the orange stick.

Cut out pieces from felt for:

  • Pig’s ears – pink
  • Cow’s ears – black
  • Horse’s ears and snout – light brown
  • Horse’s mane and forelock – dark brown
  • Chicken’s comb: red
  • Chicken’s beak: orange
  • Cat’s ears: orange

You can use glue, or if you like Glue Dots, to attach the googly eyes to each craft stick. Glue the felt pieces in place for each animal and glue on buttons and the cat’s nose bead, and you have yourself a barn full of new friends!

Popsicle Stick Farm Critters


  1. Hi Amanda. I love these cute critters! Thanks for including a Pig-I collect Pig things.

  2. Of course, googly eyes rock! My son and i were discussing favorites. I like the horse and he liked the cat. But I love them all! Thanks for having me Marie :)

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