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Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Toppers

Looking for a fun and simple way to use up your rainbow loom bands? We have just the project for you. These rainbow loom band pencil toppers are super cute and fun to make. Get crafting!

Pencil Topper Pom Poms with Rainbow Loom Bands to Make

Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Toppers

These cute little pom poms made from Rainbow Loom bands are the perfect little toppers for your pencils! The rainbow colored pom pom is my favorite, but it’s fun to mix and match the colors too!

Stack on the toppers for more pom pom fun! Make one in every color and gift them to your friends!

Make Rainbow Loom Pom Pom Pencil Toppers

Rainbow Loom Pom Poms


Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Topper Supplies


Start by adding your loom bands onto your loom hook. You can layer them in a specific pattern or just random colors. We’re making a rainbow pattern pom pom topper! I used 15 bands of every color for the rainbow topper – 90 bands total. TIP: you can use less, just depends on the thickness of your pom pom, see below for a comparison. 

Add Loom Bands to a Rainbow Loom Hook for Pom Pom Pencil Toppers

With 2 more loom bands, we’re using black, thread them through each other to make a longer band – this will be your connector for the stack of loom bands you just made. Cross one band on top of the other, grab both of the inside sides of each band, and pull through tight.

Make Rainbow Loom Bands Longer for a Pencil Topper Pom Pom

Hook one end of the new long band onto your loom hook.

Rainbow Loom Band Pom Poms Maker

Move all the bands over to your longer band. You can simply tip it down and they should fall right onto the long loom band. TIP: Be sure to hold the other end of the long loom band in place so the bands don’t fall off.

Make Fun Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Topper Pom Poms

Add a C or S clip to both ends of your long loom band to secure the bands in place.

Rainbow Loom C Hook for a Loom Band Pom Pom and Pencil Topper

That’s it! You’re done. It’s ready to add to a pencil and top it off!

Craft a Rainbow Loom Band Pom Pom Pencil Topper

Here’s the difference of rainbow loom band pom poms when you use 42 bands (7 each color) or 90 bands (15 each color). Both are cute toppers, just a different look!

Pencil Topper Pom Poms from Rainbow Loom Bands

Get out your pencils and top them away!

Pencil Topper Pom Poms with Rainbow Loom Bands

Rainbow Loom Pencil Toppers Kids Craft

Pom Pom Pencil Toppers with Rainbow Loom Bands

Have fun with your festive Rainbow Loom Pom Pom Pencil Toppers!

Make Festive Pencil Topper Pom Poms with Rainbow Loom Bands

If you’re looking for more ways to craft with rainbow loom bands, check out our rainbow loom band bracelet tutorials!

Crafting Rainbow Loom Bracelets makeandtakes.com.jpg

*Originally posted 3/3/15


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