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6 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

With St. Patrick’s day approaching, I’m sure you’re hoping a few lucky Leprechauns visit your house! With gold and rainbows galore, this holiday is so fun for crafting and cooking. We’re even gathering ideas for a few leprechaun traps to make, seeing if we can get our hands on a little gold. So here are 6 fun ideas we’ve found to celebrate this green holiday! Celebrate along with us!

6 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

6 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

1. Green Clover Card: make a cute clover card by pressing a few leaves of clover onto paper for this festive card. Even better if you can find a four leaf clover to use! These cards are great for sending across the country to loved ones! Grandma and Grandpa sure will feel lucky when they open this card!

2. 30+ Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day: any one of these kids craft ideas would be perfect to make and create on St. Patrick’s day! With so many green, gold, and rainbow crafts, there are enough ideas here to keep your kids busy for a whole week!

3. 5 Ways to Eat the Rainbow: have fun getting your snacks in order for St. Patrick’s day with these 5 healthy ways to eat a rainbow. Colorful food is both fun AND healthy- that’s a win/win for everyone! And nothing looks prettier on a plate than a food rainbow!

4. Rainbow Pasta Bracelets: color dry pasta in the rainbow colors and make fun bracelets for the kids. This is a simple kids craft anyone can make and feel the rainbow! This would be a great party activity idea for a whole group of kids- and they can wear the bracelets all day long!

5. Green Fruit Salad and Skewers: get all green inside and out with this fun green fruit salad. These green foods are especially fun on a skewer! There are so many delicious green fruits to try, and your body will thank you!

6. Catch a Leprechaun: here are 10 ideas for how to catch a leprechaun with these silly traps! With all these trap ideas, you’re sure to catch at least one leprechaun! ;) Maybe he can even lead you to a pot of gold!

Have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s day! I hope these craft and recipe ideas have helped to brighten your holiday. Don’t forget to wear green- you wouldn’t want to get pinched! And be sure to let me know if you do find that pot of gold!


  1. Cute! We kind of missed out on saint patrick’s day and haven’t prepared much for the occasion. I hope next year won’t be so hectic. My little kid’s looking forward to next year too!

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