With the Kids

Silly Long Straws & Straw Wands

My kids have been loving straws. They want straws for everything. We went a little straw crazy this last time, seeing how long we could make them and still get a drink of water. Here is how we made our Silly Drinking Straws.


First flatten and pinch one end of the straw. Then it will fit into the next straw. Keep going until you have it as long and crazy as it will go. We like the flexible straws so they can make crazy turns.


matt-drink-166.jpg lucy-drink-176.jpg

We also made some Straw Wands. Good ol’ McDonald’s Happy Meal has a punch out star that makes a wand with your straw. They loved it so much, casting spells with abracadabra, that we made some more. We cut out shapes and then I cut two slits in the center of each shape. Then slip the straw through both holes. Now you are ready for Bibbity Bobbity Boo!



  1. i love straws too! i drink everything with a straw! my favorite thing right now is a cold glass of tree top apple juice, ice, and a straw. mmmm just hits the spot.

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