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Summer Camp for Kids: Recycled Beach Toys

We needed a few toys to take with us to the beach, so we looked to our recycle bin (a great place to look for crafts for the Summer Camp for Kids). So we brought along a couple of plastic containers to build, pour, and store our findings at the beach.

These Lunchable containers were great at packing in wet sand and making fun shapes in the sand. And the large yogurt container below made great sand castles!

It was perfect to have one with a lid, like this Teddy Grahams container, so we could bring home the seashells, rocks, and sea glass we found.

Are you planning a day at the beach anytime soon? I’m sharing 7 tips for a day at the beach over at Babycenter this week. What are your tips and tricks for beach success?


  1. I wish we had beaches in Colorado — maybe a trip needs to be in our future but it’s not at the moment. Sigh. One day. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Those are fun! We do that, too, and the best part is that you can still recycle them! Then, you buy polar fleece and wear your recycled plastic! Teehee!

    Hope you are enjoying the relative heat wave we are having this week in the Pacific Northwest.

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