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Summer Camp for Kids: Simple Games on the Go

We’ve made it to the end of July, just past the halfway point! But I’m still looking for ideas to keep the troops going strong, well to keep me going strong, as three little ones can wear a girl out. So thanks to GoGo squeeZ, I’ve joined the GoGo gang in keeping the summertime simple with some good ol’ fashioned fun.

With just a few outdoor supplies, I’ve came up with a quick and simple game. I’m calling it Toss, Drop, and Score! Grab a bag filled with sidewalk chalk and bean bags, if you don’t have bean bags, you can use rocks, pine cones, or rolled up socks to play, then head outside! Try to find somewhere with a sidewalk primed and ready for chalk drawing, and you’re good to go.

Here’s how to play Toss, Drop, and Score:

1. Draw 3 circles, in varying sizes, all in a line. Give each circle a number value by writing a number in the center of each circle.

2. Draw a straight line to represent a starting line in front of the circles, about 2-3 feet away from the circles.

3. Hand each child a bean bag. Have them toss their bean bag towards the circles, trying to make it into one of the numbered circles.

If this is too easy for your older children, add a few obstacles to trick them up: toss it backwards, have them throw from farther away, blindfold them, or have them toss it with their “non-throwing” arm.

That first line above only lasted one go around, as you can see it was fairly close. My little one got to toss at that first line, but I created a couple other starting lines for my older kids quite a bit further back, helping them really get their arms tossing!

And of course we ended our game with a few pouches of applesauce from GoGo squeeZ.

I really love this stuff and I’m not just sayin’ that. When I first saw squeezable applesauce, I fell in LOVE. It’s so easy to grab. Three fit easily in my purse packed for the park. We also take these to baseball games, or long rides in the car. No spoon necessary, my kind of snack!

Now it’s your turn to share. What is your family doing for simple games on the go?

Disclosure: I received supplies and compensation from GoGo squeeZ to help facilitate this post. But the fabulous fun ideas and content are my own :)


  1. Fun! I love your site!

    I wanted to give a quick shout out about an online FITNESS CHALLENGE that will be starting on my blog August 15. The more people the more fun it will be, so whoever is interested should check it out. I’m way excited about it.

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  2. We have been playing that same game in our backyard with those balls you can soak in water and they make sort of a splat when you throw them (not sure exactly what they are called…) or with water balloons. I let the kids draw the circles and assign point values — very interesting to see where that leads. I love the idea of packing it in to be portable though! We also do scavenger hunt type things when out, but I don’t really have any other good game suggestions off the top. Thanks for sharing!

  3. marie, I wish you were MY mom! I just love all the fun ideas you have…and during August we’re going to need all the fun games to play that we can find. will definitely do this one!

    and, sorry, I have no good ideas for games on the go. that’s why I read your blog! ;)

    I’ll have to check out the GoGo Squeez pouches…I’m quite certain my kids would love them!

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