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Summer Camp for Kids: Tie-Dye Baby Wipes

Summer Camp guest post by Melissa of The Chocolate Muffin Tree

We’ve been working with Kool Aid lately for many art projects! We’ve made Microwave Kool Aid Play Dough and we have made Kool Aid paintings! We are even planning to have a Kool Aid stand some time over this Summer. So today we decided to make some Tie Dye Kool Aid Baby Wipes after painting with our paint!

Supplies for Tie-Dye Baby Wipes:

  • baby wipes
  • unsweetened Kool Aid in at least 4-5 flavors
  • water
  • some clothespins
  • containers or muffin tins
  • newspaper

We first made the Kool Aid dye/paint. Mix one packet of kool aid and 1 tablespoon of warm water in each container.


After you have the Kool Aid dye mixed up, take your baby wipes and fold them in different ways. Attach a clothespin to each folded baby wipe.


Now you are ready to take the folded baby wipe attached to a clothespin and dip corners or different sections of the baby wipe into the different Kool Aid dyes. Make sure to flip the baby wipe around so you get all sides with different color sections.


When you are finished dipping the baby wipe, detach the clothespin and open it up. Lay the finished dyed baby wipes on a thick layer of newspaper to dry. It may take a day or so to dry. You could frame or mount your Tie Dye Baby wipes on Construction paper for display!


Melissa Jordan is an Art Educator and a Mom to a five year old daughter. She shares her creative endeavors with her daughter on her blog The Chocolate Muffin Tree. Melissa began this blog as a creative outlet in hopes to inspire others with her endless ideas!


  1. If you look online there are designs for tie dye teeshirts that could also carry over. You can try hearts or stars, or spirals. Or if you’re really adventurous why not try peace signs (they’re a pain in the butt, but awesome).

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