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Super-Simple Origami Picture Frames

We like to try making origami from time to time, but we’re definitely still beginners. With only a few simple folds to make, these origami picture frames are a perfect project for kids (and beginner grown-ups, too!). Plus, these little frames make great displays for around the house or to give as gifts.

origami picture frame

Supplies for Origami Picture Frames:

  • origami paper, lightweight scrapbooking paper, magazine pages, or other thin paper
  • bone folder, popsicle stick, or spoon for making crisp folds
  • photos or artwork to frame
  • optional: glue stick or glue dots, adhesive magnets

Start with a square piece of paper. Any kind of lightweight paper will work well for this project. If your paper is thick, it will be hard to fold!

A 6″ square makes around a 3″ frame.  An 8″ square makes around a 4″ frame (ours turned out 4.25″).

Step 1: With the colored side down, fold your paper horizontally and unfold. Then fold vertically and unfold. You will have two creases dividing the paper.

origami frame step 1

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom down about 3/4″. Use a bone folder, popsicle stick, or spoon to rub along the folds and make them crisp.

origami frame step 2

Step 3: Fold the two sides in as well. Try to make all your folds around the same size so your paper remains square.

origami frame step 3

Step 4: Flip the paper over and carefully fold each corner into the center.

origami frame step 4

After folding all four corners in, your paper should look like this:

origami frame step 5

Flip your paper back over and check out your cool paper frame!

origami frame finished

Now you’re ready to tuck a small photo or a piece of artwork into the frame – just slide your photo under the corner flaps.

These frames work especially well attached to the front of a card, and the recipient can even remove the photo if desired. With a little finagling, you can fold one of the back flaps down and make a standing frame, too.

origami standing picture frame

If you want those back flaps to lay flat, use a glue stick or glue dots to stick them down.

One more idea – add a magnet to the back, and you can display little photos and artwork on the fridge. So cute!

origami picture frame magnet

I think these would be perfect for Mother’s Day cards – wouldn’t Grandma love getting this in the mail?

Happy crafting!


  1. these are TOO cute…i just love them! i love to make them and it takes such little time. its so creative!

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